posted 18 Apr 2019, 09:31 by Douglas Paterson

This week, alongside working hard in lessons, the Y6s ran a very egg-citing event! In groups, and using TASC based learning techniques, they planned and ran an Easter Egg Hunt for the children lower down the school in Foundation Stage. The Y6s had to come up with an exciting and imaginative story to base their hunt around. These included: chasing chocolate pirates, rescuing the Easter Bunny and helping out Little Red Riding Hood.

The foundation children solved puzzles, completed tasks and (in one case) fought scary dinosaurs in order to locate delicious, chocolaty treats. The event took place on the school field, and we were lucky enough to have wonderful sunshine all afternoon.

The foundation children had a great time, as did the Y6s. Louie Anderson, in Mr Paterson's class, said "This is probably one of the best afternoons I've had in Y6!"