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Tree Spirits visit Dore

posted 12 May 2020, 08:09 by Julia Hope-Gill

Pom Pom Rainbow Update:

posted 12 May 2020, 02:36 by Richard France

Pom Pom Rainbow Update: coming along nicely!  Remember wool available in box on school drive... Can we fill the fence before the end of May?

VE day celebrations in school

posted 7 May 2020, 08:47 by Lisa Wells

We had a lovely afternoon with a V.E day street party celebration, Dore School style. 
The infant children made a flag from leaves and then the whole school cheered as it was hoisted up the flag pole. 
We made paper hats, 194Os style with newspapers, toasted marshmallows, made chocolate cake in oranges cooked on the open fire and ate hand made cookies. Some children also tried their hand at archery. 

Georga Bikes for NHS Heroes

posted 5 May 2020, 08:28 by Douglas Paterson

Y6, Georga Hattersley, has completed an impressive fundraising challenge. She has cycled 25 miles to raise money for the NHS. Forced to keep her bike close to home because of the lockdown, Georga nonetheless spent four hours and twenty minute in the saddle, cycling round a road on her estate eighty times! She has even been interviewed by Radio Sheffield about it.

Georga said that the ride had been “ the biggest challenge of my life and the best day of my life, raising money for our treasured NHS through my hard work and determination”. She raised a whopping £335 pounds for NHS charities.

A great example of kindness and resilience. Well done Georga!

Pom Pom Rainbow Challenge

posted 4 May 2020, 04:08 by Richard France   [ updated 5 May 2020, 01:42 ]

We've had so many comments from children and parents saying they are missing school, their friends and their teachers, so thought it might be a good idea to find an activity that could help people feel they are part of a community project.

We've decided to use the fence on the Infant Playground to create a pom pom rainbow.  Children attending school have started making pom poms to begin the decoration, and have put together an informational video to help. 

We'd love as many people as possible to make a pom pom at home, then during your daily exercise walk past school and add it to the fence (from the path that links Busheywood Road with Furniss Avenue).

I haven't added a picture yet as there are only a few pom poms on the fence so far, but we intend to update via twitter: @doreprimary


Pom Pom Rainbow Challenge.mp4

In school this week

posted 1 May 2020, 08:09 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 1 May 2020, 08:14 ]

Thanks to all the children and staff who have made this an enjoyable week.

Apart from working on tasks on the weekly timetables children have been:
  • Carrying out a photo scavenger hunt.
  • Making historical jewellery.
  • Making dens in the hall.
  • Making pom poms for our fence display.
  • Orienteering on the junior yard.

The Getty Museum Challenge

posted 15 Apr 2020, 05:47 by Andrew Goodwin

We had great fun this afternoon, re-creating works of art from the Getty Museum collection.  If you would like to have a go at home, see the link below for more inspiration.


 The Annunciation, about 1450-1455, Dieric Bouts. 
 La Surprise, 1718-1719, Jean-Antoine Watteau. 

 The Borghese-Windsor Cabinet, about 1620. 

Shelter building, toasties and flags!

posted 9 Apr 2020, 08:09 by Kathryn Davis   [ updated 11 Apr 2020, 02:49 by Douglas Paterson ]

Another great day outside, making home improvements to our shelter (including teddy zip wires), cooking toasties and a ceremonial flag raising!








Swiss Family Robinson survival shelter

posted 8 Apr 2020, 07:17 by Kathryn Davis

We've had great fun in the sunshine today, imagining we were stranded on a desert island and making a shelter to survive. We made a flag pole, washing up stands, tables, chairs, a shower and even wind chimes!

Why don't you have a go at making a shelter with gadgets at home?


Amongst the daffodils

posted 7 Apr 2020, 10:07 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 7 Apr 2020, 10:51 ]

We have had a lovely day in school today, celebrating the spring sunshine. We have used all sorts of materials to make pictures of daffodils and other flowers that are in full effect around school.

We also made our own homes in the wildlife glade, Mrs Williams help the children build some brilliant dens!

Thanks to all the children who have been in school recently, they have been real stars!

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