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Solar Camera

posted 30 Mar 2020, 02:33 by Matthew Smith

The lockdown has provided some opportunities to dig out some activities you may have never got round to otherwise!

Mr Smith found a solar camera given to him by his Dad (a keen amateur astronomer) at Christmas time and because there isn't anywhere suitable at home to put it, he has attached it to the Y2 mobile with a good view over the hills.

It will be up for a year and during that time it will capture light through a tiny pin hole on the side of the can onto photographic paper on the inside.  It will hopefully show how the sun's path through the sky changes as the seasons change.

Another reason to look forward to the 2021!!  We'll post what we find.

Y4 Building Bridges (STEAM Project)

posted 25 Mar 2020, 03:40 by Richard France

The week before 'everything changed', Y4s took part in the Dendrite 'Build to the Line' bridge building challenge.  During the week, we thought about strong shapes and strong structures, studied some famous bridges around the world, and learned how to fold and join corrugated cardboard using plastic screws and hooks.

Then, on Friday, we worked in groups to try and construct successful bridges.  They had to be at least 2 metres long, 25cm from the ground all the way across, between 15-25cm wide and be able to hold at least 500g in the middle.  Oh, and no piece of card could be longer than 1 metre.  What a challenge it was!

As you can see from the photos, we had many, many designs and ideas.  The children worked fantastically in their groups - cooperating, sharing ideas and tools, and supporting each other all the time.  Most groups found they needed to have some sort of suspension system in place to enable the middle of the bridge to maintain the required height.















Sheffield Schools Cross Country Running

posted 14 Mar 2020, 08:14 by Richard France

We’ve had a fantastic season of cross country running with Dore Primary School being represented in all the different categories.  The children have not been put off by the bad weather and have showed great resilience throughout. There are too many names to mention; but we need to say a big thanks to all the children who have turned up during the season to represent Dore Primary School.  Each of you have helped gain points for Dore Primary in the league. We are still waiting to find out the final position for Dore Primary School!

The last individual race was at the end of February, which was The Sheffield Championship Race at Graves Park. The conditions were tough with it being so cold and muddy. Luckily, our children managed to keep their shoes on their feet, unlike some other children where they got stuck in the mud!  Considering the large number of children that ran in each race (hundreds were there) all the Dore Primary children did really well and we are really proud of them all.

This picture shows THE WINNER of the SHEFFIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS! Great stuff!  We also had lots of Y3,4, and Y6 boys in the top 100 for their age groups.

We have got the final of the Sheffield Schools Cross-Country Running season on Saturday 21st March (meet at 9.30am) for a 10am start at Castle Dyke (Birkdale School Sports Field) off Ringinglow Road.  Look out for the Dore Primary School flag.

This is a team relay race not an individual race, so we need names beforehand please. They will be running in teams of 4.  It’s running around a large field so parents get a good view of them running; and I gather it’s not quite as far as a usual cross-country race.

·         Year 3/ 4:  Boys event and a Girls event

·         Year 5/6: Boys event and a Girls event

If anyone is interested in giving this a go please contact Helen Taylor (school mum): 07969516031

Many thanks on behalf of the school to the parents who regularly support at this event, especially Jacqui and Helen, without whom there would be no Team Dore!

6 Word Stories - World Book Day 2020

posted 11 Mar 2020, 03:07 by Richard Hanks

For World Book Day 2020, all children we asked to write a story using just six words! It seemed like quite a challenge but once we got going there we so many great ideas. Children needed a lot of creativity, resourcefulness and resilience to produce a great end result. Here are some of the most interesting stories from reception to Year 6.

DPA Promises Auction 25.04.2020

posted 9 Mar 2020, 05:38 by Olivia Pillinger   [ updated 9 Mar 2020, 05:39 ]

DPA Promises auction are raising money to refurbish the Junior Hall on Saturday 25th of April. Please submit your pledges by Friday 13th of March. 

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020

posted 8 Mar 2020, 10:27 by Julie Davison

This year our 'fairtrade' and 'rights respecting' learning has been inspired by the Fairtrade Foundation's film ‘Guardians of the Rainforest’ which focuses on 14 years old Beshey and his family. His family are cocoa farmers on the edge of the Gola rainforest in Sierra Leone. Beshey shows us how the cocoa farmers have come together to protect the rainforest, and earn a decent living through Fairtrade. We see how they are helped to farm sustainably by planting cocoa trees on the edge of the rainforest rather than taking from it. 

Also, to raise awareness of Fairtrade Fortnight, our Fairtrade Team have been busy baking and selling fairtrade treats this week in our Fairtrade tuck shop ...

Dore Primary World Book Day 2020

posted 6 Mar 2020, 09:20 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 6 Mar 2020, 09:21 ]

As always, World Book Day was a fantastic day of sharing stories and building relationships. It was great to see the children dressed as their favourite characters (a big thank you to all thous family members that help with this). 

This year it seemed particularly easy to find out Where's Wally!

A handful of the activities that took place today include:
  • Parents and children reading together
  • Children reading to with different classes
  • Stories and poems in assembly
  • All the children wrote 6 word stories (watch this space for some of the results.

FS2's visit to the Butterfly House

posted 4 Mar 2020, 02:50 by Matthew Smith

FS2 had a fantastic visit to the Butterfly House near Anston to provide immersive experiences as part of our topic on Minibeasts.  

The children had two guided sessions: one where children were introduced to different minibeasts such as giant scorpions, millipedes, cockroaches and stick insects.  The children were told all about how they have different features that allow the animal to defend itself or attack its prey.  The other session looked at how different animals fall into different groups e.g. mammals and birds and how they can be identified e.g. birds tend to have feathers and mammals tend to have fur.  The children were able to take a closer look at a guinea pig, a tropical screech owl and a tortoise)

After lunch the children had a look around the Butterfly House which contained a wide range of animals including fish, parrots, bats and butterflies of course!

The visit has provided us with a lot of ideas for the rest of our topic and we hope to share more of what we've learned later in the term!

We are very grateful to our adult helpers on the day and the children who were terrific ambassadors for our school.

Here's some snaps of our visit!

World Book Day 2020 - Thursday 5th March

posted 29 Feb 2020, 03:15 by Richard Hanks

Thursday 5th March, we will be joining millions of children and adults across the globe to celebrate World Book Day, the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK.

You can help by sharing a story if you register on the World Book Day website, where they are aiming to share a million stories, there is a chance to win some super prizes. In school we will be joining in to:
  • Parents and carers reading - If you are available, you are invited to come and read with your child in the morning. Please go with your child to their classroom when the bell rings and then normal lessons will begin at 9.10 am. 
  • Children share reading – KS2 and KS1 classes will be paired up during the day to get together and share what they love to read.
  • Bring in books and favourite things to read – Children are encouraged to bring in their favourite book or other text. KS2 children could bring in a current favourite and also something they loved when they were in KS1 to share with younger children.
  • Children dress-up – Children are invited to dress as a character from a children’s book, ideally the one they have brought with them! If children do not wish to dress up as a character they must come to school on that day in school uniform. 
  • Free book tokens – All children will receive a free £1 equivalent book token, which can be exchanged in all participating bookshops for one of the six specially published £1 books. These books by top authors cater for a wide age group.
  • Juniors Library Challenge – Encourage your children to read and review 6 books to complete the 2020 Dore Primary School Library Challenge  (Juniors only).
  • Book Donations - Dore Primary has a very well stocked library. But we are always on the look out for new books that the children have been asking for, see the children's book wishlist
  • Other events - You can also look out for special displays and details of family based activities in local bookshops and libraries, which will focus on a range of children’s books from all ages. To find out more about World Book Day please visit the website at: .
Thank you for your support with this exciting day and the build up to it.

Lent and Pancake Day

posted 24 Feb 2020, 02:31 by Laura Guiton

In Assembly today we found out about the importance of Lent to Christians. Pancakes are associated with the day before Lent, because traditionally they were a good way to use up food before a time of fasting. We held a pancake flipping competition at the end of our assembly. Year 4 were the winners with 66 flips in 3 minutes. Well done to all of the children who took part!

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