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posted 5 Jan 2021, 04:01 by Danielle Oldham

Dear Parent/carer,

Please find the link below of a video from Mrs Glossop regarding our response to the Government’s announcement to school closures.

An email will follow shortly asking parents to complete the keyworker request form.

Kind Regards,

Dore Primary School

2020 Infant Nativity - Shine Star, Shine

posted 24 Dec 2020, 07:14 by Alex Percy

We may not have been able to mix year groups or have a live performance but we are not so easily defeated!

This year, classes filmed their contributions and the Year Twos, who traditionally narrate and act, used green screen techniques to breathe some magic into the final performance.

The children have been part of the process from the outset and have learned about scripts, acting, lighting, audio-recording, design, and of course the Christmas story. Perhaps most importantly they have seen the process play out, starting with a blank canvas and seeing how we shape it together into a final performance and celebrate the project as a team.  This of course culminates with the finished video.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

If it won't play reliably on the website then you can download or watch it on the Dore Primary Community Facebook page - even if you don't have a Facebook account.

The Nativity - Shine Star Shine.mp4

Shine Star, Shine is one of the excellent plays by Out of the Ark 

Thank you for the Shoeboxes!

posted 25 Nov 2020, 01:29 by Heather Wyatt

A huge thank you to everyone who has kindly donated a shoebox for the homeless this year, and a huge thank you to our DPA and Pete at Worrall Business Supplies for organising their delivery.

World Children's Day

posted 23 Nov 2020, 02:39 by Kathryn Davis

20th November is World Children's Day and all across the world, people celebrate how wonderful children are. We thought about children's rights and which rights we felt were the most important to us. There was some debate about whether the right to healthcare, food and water was more important then the right to education. An interesting discussion given the current pandemic. The children were reminded of the ABCDE of rights - rights are for All, from Birth, Cannot be taken away, Do not have to be earned and all rights are Equal.


For prospective parents

posted 16 Nov 2020, 12:29 by Matthew Smith

Please watch our virtual tour video with introductions to our Senior Leadership Team and some of our children!

Welcome to Dore 2020-21.mp4

Sheffield Homeless Shoebox Appeal

posted 11 Nov 2020, 08:38 by Heather Wyatt

Sheffield Shoebox Appeal - Home | Facebook
In these difficult and uncertain times, school is keen to support Sheffield Homeless Shoebox Appeal again this year, and it would be wonderful if you were able to help us! 
For information and ideas on what to and what not to include please refer to the project's website:

As boxes this year will need to be quarantined, the deadline for them being in school is close of business (4pm) Monday 23rd November 2020. Please leave any completed boxes in the school porch and let the office staff know that you have
done so. Thank you so much!

Keep All My Friends Learning campaign

posted 11 Nov 2020, 06:33 by Kathryn Davis

This year, we joined the Send my Friend to School campaign which should have been all about the Climate Crisis. A very important issue, but being in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new campaign was launched to highlight the importance of children's right to an education. At Dore, we thought about lockdown and what being at home was like for us. Then we thought about children all over the world who have been in a similar situation, but whose home lives are very different. We learned about children in Colombia with no Internet access for online learning and children in refugee camps in Uganda, where schools were completely closed for 7 months. We've been thinking about the importance of education for everyone and we have written messages to our local MP, Olivia Blake, to ask her to work with the government to support all countries in this. Here are some of our messages:

Goodbye Apple Fairy...see you in the Spring

posted 2 Oct 2020, 05:05 by Georgina Bradley

Well, what another fantastic week we've had at Pre-School. This week, we have received messages from the apple fairy herself! First of all she brought us a basket full of apples which we had to find. Inside each one she hid a special star, which we all enjoyed for snack. 

Apple hunt

We decided to have a go at stewing the apples, after the apple fairy told us how much she loved apple crumble...

Stewing apples and making a crumble

As a thank you to the fairy, we made her some presents, including necklaces and bunting.

Necklace threading and leaf bunting:

In her final letter to us, she told us just how important bees and wasps are in helping apples grow. She left us some pine cones to make our own.

Making bees and wasps:
Finally, we have had plenty of outdoor fun, including kite making on a very windy day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

European Day of Languages

posted 28 Sept 2020, 12:13 by Kathryn Davis

Today we celebrated the European Day of Languages. Children throughout the school took part in virtual assemblies, songs, quizzes and learned how to say hello in many different languages. Y3 have been learning how to greet each other in French, say their name and ask someone how they are. They created and performed mini role plays in French. 


Fairies, Wands, and Puddle painting

posted 25 Sept 2020, 02:15 by Lisa Wells

This week the children made their own apple fairies and hung them on the tree to keep pre school apple fairy company . They have also used a potato peeler to whittle a stick and make their own wand. The children are going to make wishes for the apple fairy and leave them outside, I wonder if she replies ? 

We had a couple of wet days, but we all embraced the rain in true Forest school style and used paints to colour mix in the puddles. Very messy but really good fun !

Forest School Fun

Apple Fairies 
 More fun outside . And tea staining, ready to write messages and wishes for the Apple Fairy 

Puddle painting and potions.
Whittling and wand making .

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