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Great Result for Y5/Y6 Boulderers, in City Championship

posted 15 Mar 2019, 09:30 by Douglas Paterson   [ updated 15 Mar 2019, 09:43 ]

A team of six Y5/Y6 boys and girls walked away with a podium finish last Friday morning, when they achieved joint third at the finals of the Sheffield Schools Bouldering Championship, held at the Mini-Works bouldering centre.


For those not in the know, bouldering is a sport in which climbers attempt to climb short, but very difficult routes, without ropes and over crash mats. The routes are called "problems" because to get to the top you need to work out a very specific series of moves. Over 50 children tried out for the squad, and this was whittled down to a team of 12, who competed in a qualifying session at the Mini Works, in February. The scores of the best climbers were compared to the other 36 schools who took part in the contest, and only the ten best schools were invited back to the finals.


The finals were very close, with some very impressive climbing on display. Despite this being the first year that Dore Primary has entered the competition, the team was able to achieve an amazing joint third place. Mr Paterson, who took the team to the competition with Mr Fletcher, said: "The team worked very hard and put in a great effort. Bouldering is a sport that involves a great deal of resilience and teamwork to work out techniques and routes. The team worked well together: encouraging each other and offering advice on the best moves to try. We couldn't have asked for a better set of children to represent our school."


Kaitlin, from Y5, was the recipient of a special individual prize from the team's professional coach, who helped the team on the day. Kaitlin was recognised for her teamwork and enthusiasm; “Winning the award made me feel like I’d really helped my team out,” she said “The competition was great!”

Y5 BizKids Fundraising Project for St Luke's Hospice

posted 10 Mar 2019, 08:43 by Richard France

After weeks of planning, the Y5 BizKids 'Bizzy Night' event was a huge success, with over 160 children in Y3-Y6 attending the event.  As you can see from the photos, the food and drink went down well, and the movie was lots of fun - especially as children had brought onesies, sleeping bags and beanbags to relax in/on during it.  The hard work of everyone in the Y5 team had been worth it, and the weeks of planning had paid off, as we raised over £900 for St Luke's!


Prior to the event, Y5 children developed their key school values of kindness, creativity, resourcefulness and resilience as they planned for the night.  This process included:
  • finding out about St Luke's Hospice and the work they do
  • coming up with fundraising ideas (and understanding that not all ideas could be chosen)
  • voting on a final idea
  • promoting the event through: letters and emails to parents; giving presentations in assemblies; creating audio adverts to play before and after school on the playground; making posters to display around school
  • conducting market research around school to decide what food, drink and entertainment to offer
  • comparing prices of the products and putting orders in
  • selling tickets before and after school
  • setting up for the evening by: decorating the main entrance; preparing the food and drink; organising stamps; signing children in; acting as ushers
  • clearing up after the food had been served
  • counting the money up after the event
For 80+ children to be fully involved in the planning and preparation for the event shows how well they cooperated.  The children were completely motivated by the fundraising aspect, and desperately wanted to provide an evening that their fellow pupils in other year groups would remember - they succeeded!

 photo to be inserted here photo to be inserted here
 photo to be inserted here
An example of an audio advert

Google Docs Video

 photo to be inserted here 

To finish the project off, each class pulled names out of a hat to select nine children to attend the BizKids Presentation Event, at St Luke's Clifford House.  The children put together a presentation about our event, and shared it with a panel of business leaders and charity workers.  They did a great job of this, especially as the computer for their final presentation didn't work, so they had to present completely from memory!  They received special commendation for their resilience from the panel for this.  We didn't win the 'enterprise award' or the 'most money raised award' (£4500!), but this doesn't really matter as 85 children planned a fantastic event for their peers, and raised a large amount of money for charity in doing so.  Well done Y5!


World Book Day 2019

posted 8 Mar 2019, 08:49 by Richard Hanks

As always, children, parents and staff really got into the spirit to celebrate a fantastic World Book Day at Dore Primary. The theme this year was Sharing a Story and we did this in all sorts of ways:
  • With a parent or carer
  • Checking out all the brilliant costumes
  • Meeting up with another class
  • Designing Book Token Vouchers
  • Drama by the Y5s inspired by famous books
  • Celebrating the members of Writing Club
  • Getting the book vouchers
  • Visiting Book Fair after school in the infant hall
  • Meeting the author Angle Anwyl
It inspired lots of reading and sharing, so thank you to every one who got involved.

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World Book Day - Friday 8th March at DPS

posted 14 Feb 2019, 05:49 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 14 Feb 2019, 06:14 ]

This year we will be celebrating World Book Day, the biggest annual celebration of books and reading for children in the UK, on Friday 8th March (the day after the official date – we like to be different!)

The theme is sharing a story and there are lots of ways we will do this together:
  • Parents and carers reading - If you are available, you are invited to come and read with your child in the morning. Please go with your child to their classroom when the bell rings and then normal lessons will begin at 9.00 am. 
  • Children share reading – KS2 and KS1 classes will be paired up during the day to get together and share what they love to read.
  • Bring in books and favourite things to read – Children are encouraged to bring in their favourite book or other text. KS2 children could bring in a current favourite and also something they loved when they were in KS1 to share with younger children.
  • Children dress-up – Children are invited to dress as a character from a children’s book, ideally the one they have brought with them! If children do not wish to dress up as a character they must come to school on that day in school uniform. 
  • Free book tokens – All children will receive a free £1 equivalent book token, which can be exchanged in all participating bookshops for one of the six specially published £1 books. These books by top authors cater for a wide age group.
  • 500 Words competition -  Children have been encouraged to enter the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition. The deadline is World Book Day so we hope to be able to share some entries on the day. Please support your child to enter, submit their entry online and pass a copy to Mr Hanks to share in school.
  • Juniors Library Challenge – Encourage your children to read and review 6 books to complete the 2019 Dore Primary School Library Challenge  (Juniors only).
  • Book Donations - Dore Primary has a very well stocked library. But we are always on the look out for new books that the children have been asking for, see the children's book wishlist
  • Other events - You can also look out for special displays and details of family based activities in local bookshops and libraries, which will focus on a range of children’s books from all ages. To find out more about World Book Day please visit the website at: .
Thank you for your support with this exciting day and the build up to it.

Juniors Library Challenge

posted 8 Feb 2019, 23:39 by Richard Hanks

The Dore Primary School Junior Library Challenge has been up and running for a little while now, but it is not too late to get involved.

Our brilliant team of Library Volunteers have been helping children broaden their reading with six different texts to find:
  • A poetry book
  • A book with the letter 'g' in the title
  • A book with a picture of an animal on the cover
  • A book whose author starts with the same letter as theirs
  • A book that was written over 30 years ago
  • A non-fiction book on a new subject.
The children make a short review of their choices and collect a stamp from the library. When they have all six, they will receive a unique prize!

If they haven't all ready, please encourage your child to get involved.

Y4 Hotshots Basketball

posted 8 Feb 2019, 08:48 by Matthew Smith

It was a great pleasure to support an energetic group of Year 4 children at the Hotshots Basketball competition at the Goals Centre on Monday afternoon.
Unfortunately due to a change in the date the week before, half the teams couldn't come, and so a group stage was played with everyone going to progress to the semi finals.

The team gave their all, winning all the group stage games with some plucky defending and some net-swishing shooting. Unfortunately a defeat in the semi finals meant only 3rd place was up for grabs.  The team picked themselves up and won the playoff, collecting the 3rd place prize.

Huge thanks to Mr Hanks for coming and supporting the teams and to all the parents who had to rearrange their schedules to allow their children to come.  

Finally, well done to the team for representing the school so well and being such good teammates to each other.

Safer Internet Day

posted 8 Feb 2019, 08:36 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 8 Feb 2019, 08:55 ]

Dore Primary School has been taking part in activities to support Safer Internet Day throughout this week.  This year the theme has been "Together for a better internet".  Although children are learning about online safety throughout the year, mostly through PSHE and Computing, SID provides an opportunity to give this important area of learning some extra focus.

Children in infants started with an assembly which highlighted the importance of talking to an adult if any requests for information pop up when playing games or doing anything on a device.

Children in juniors also had an assembly with the focus on obtaining consent before sharing content that involves friends and family.

Here are some examples of what happened in the classrooms:

Y1 answered some questions about being safe online by throwing bean bags into yes and no hoops, such as:

Is it ok to take somebody's picture without asking?
Is it ok to borrow your parents' phone without asking?
Is it ok to play online games with your school friends?
Is it ok to play online games with someone you don't know?
Is it ok to look at a website in school without checking with your teacher?

The children answered thoughtfully and / or after some discussion could identify the right thing to do.  

Y2 looked at the same questions as Y1 and discussed what they felt was right.  They made a green hand and a red hand and stuck them on different scenarios on the one they thought was good or bad. For example 'playing on a tablet at home with a parents permission'

Y3 completed a quiz about online safety and then discussed how to deal with a range of different scenarios they could be presented with on the internet. 
They sorted actions into "Safe" and "Unsafe" categories and then created posters to inform others about keeping safe on the internet.

Y4 have incorporated SID into a wider part of the Y4 computing curriculum: how the internet works and how we can use it safely. We have learnt how computers connect up to form a local network (see photo). We then found out how networks are connected via the internet and how to share information safely. For SID itself, we learnt how people and organisations ask for different permissions and we need to understand what we are accepting perform giving our permission. Next week, we will use this understanding to share information from personal food diaries safely using the internet. This is part of our topic 'Food for Thought'.

Remember there is great parent advice available from Parent Info on online safety matters.  We have a news feed direct from them on our website on the Online Safety page.

A huge thanks to all the staff and children for engaging so well with such an important day.  

First Lego League Robotics Competition

posted 21 Dec 2018, 03:23 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 21 Dec 2018, 03:24 ]

The Dore Dragons conducted themselves with superb maturity in what was for many their first Lego competition at the Cantor Building at Sheffield Hallam University on Wednesday.

They had to score as many points as they could in the Robot Game, using a robot they had designed and programmed themselves, present their project around the theme "Into Orbit" to a panel of three judges and explain their robot design to a panel of five (!) judges.

It was a long and tiring day for all but with the support of Mr Percy and lots of parents the team showed their resilience and creativity when robot wasn't quite doing what was hoped and buckets of good humour and team spirit throughout the day.

We believe the children have had some experiences which will stand them in good stead for the rest of their schooling and beyond and have represented their school and village extremely well.

Well done Dore Dragons!

We'd also like to thank the Dore Diodes - made up of former pupils now at King Ecgberts and High Storrs secondary schools.  They managed to finish with the most points of anyone in the competition on the robot game, but unfortunately weren't selected to make the National Finals in Bristol on this occasion.  Well done on a super day for them and for their support with the Dragons over the past few months.

Thank you finally to Mr Percy who continued to support the teams even though he had left the school!  A true believer in the Lego cause!

 Early days back in September.
 Your Dore Dragons
 Robot game.
Hat prize draw winner after getting 8/11 Lego questions right on the quiz!

Hour of Code 2018

posted 16 Dec 2018, 11:07 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 16 Dec 2018, 11:08 ]

Every year, millions of children around the world participate in the Hour of Code - an opportunity to put computer science learning at the forefront with enjoyable activities.

Every year group has chosen their activities to supplement the learning they already do in Computing and some photos of the children in action are below.  

Coding learning is of course a skill that is growing in importance in today's workplace, but most important are skills such as creativity, problem solving and resilience which along with an ability to code make a formidable skill set that will be useful for many different career paths in the future.  The Hour of Code activities alongside the Computing curriculum aim to provide a good foundation in these skills in preparation for KS3 and beyond.

For more information visit:

National Elf Service Day!

posted 14 Dec 2018, 09:01 by Matthew Smith

We've had an exciting and festive day at Dore Primary today as children and staff dressed as elves for the National Elf Service day in support of the Children's Hospital Charity.
Money was collected for dressing as an elf and raffle tickets were available.  Finally after school a bun sale and bake off competition was held!

Another example of the school coming together to support excellent causes.  Thank you to all the efforts of parents, children and staff for their community spirit and for their donations.  A huge thank you to the DPA for their volunteer support and organisation today too.  Don't forget you can follow the DPA on Facebook at this link:

Here are a few photos from the FS/KS1 celebration assembly where the raffle was held.

Have a great weekend!


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