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Goodbye Apple Fairy...see you in the Spring

posted 2 Oct 2020, 05:05 by Georgina Bradley

Well, what another fantastic week we've had at Pre-School. This week, we have received messages from the apple fairy herself! First of all she brought us a basket full of apples which we had to find. Inside each one she hid a special star, which we all enjoyed for snack. 

Apple hunt

We decided to have a go at stewing the apples, after the apple fairy told us how much she loved apple crumble...

Stewing apples and making a crumble

As a thank you to the fairy, we made her some presents, including necklaces and bunting.

Necklace threading and leaf bunting:

In her final letter to us, she told us just how important bees and wasps are in helping apples grow. She left us some pine cones to make our own.

Making bees and wasps:
Finally, we have had plenty of outdoor fun, including kite making on a very windy day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

European Day of Languages

posted 28 Sep 2020, 12:13 by Kathryn Davis

Today we celebrated the European Day of Languages. Children throughout the school took part in virtual assemblies, songs, quizzes and learned how to say hello in many different languages. Y3 have been learning how to greet each other in French, say their name and ask someone how they are. They created and performed mini role plays in French. 


Fairies, Wands, and Puddle painting

posted 25 Sep 2020, 02:15 by Lisa Wells

This week the children made their own apple fairies and hung them on the tree to keep pre school apple fairy company . They have also used a potato peeler to whittle a stick and make their own wand. The children are going to make wishes for the apple fairy and leave them outside, I wonder if she replies ? 

We had a couple of wet days, but we all embraced the rain in true Forest school style and used paints to colour mix in the puddles. Very messy but really good fun !

Forest School Fun

Apple Fairies 
 More fun outside . And tea staining, ready to write messages and wishes for the Apple Fairy 

Puddle painting and potions.
Whittling and wand making .

The Apple Fairy comes to visit Dore Pre-School

posted 18 Sep 2020, 04:28 by Georgina Bradley

This week our children have been enchanted by the story of the Apple Fairy who hides special stars inside each little apple baby. They now know that, if you know exactly where to look, you can find a special star inside each and everyone. After listening to the story, the children have enjoyed role-playing it themselves, picking and peeling apples, stewing them on the camp fire and making their own little apple babies from salt dough. 

Marshmallow Friday!

posted 11 Sep 2020, 06:45 by Georgina Bradley

What a great end to a great week...the flames flickered fast on this blustery afternoon! Have a great weekend, from everyone at Dore Pre-School.

Forest School skills

posted 11 Sep 2020, 01:36 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 11 Sep 2020, 02:08 ]

What amazing fun we've been having learning new Forest School Skills. The children have been using the bow saw to make wood cookies, using rope to help tie a slack line, hammering in tent pegs and also nails to give their 'enormous turnips' hair !
They have also been thinking about the world around us and exploring signs of Autumn. We had a trip around the school grounds and also Kings-croft to see what we could find. It was very successful, we picked pears, blackberries and also found yellow and brown leaves !  

Hammock fun..... and busy in the mud pit and kitchen . 

WOW! trying out the bow saw!.....
After a thorough wash we had some blackberry tasting and then crushed them into blackberry paint ! 

Slack line tying and hammering!

Harvesting crops at Pre-School

posted 10 Sep 2020, 04:23 by Georgina Bradley   [ updated 10 Sep 2020, 04:24 ]

Our Pre-School children have been busy harvesting crops this week! We have pulled turnips, picked pears and scavenged for blackberries, all from our own school grounds. The children loved joining in with our retell of The Enormous Turnip, especially the part where we all pulled so hard, that we all fell down...or at least Mrs Wells did!

Happy faces at Dore Pre-School

posted 4 Sep 2020, 04:37 by Georgina Bradley

What a fantastic first week we have had at Dore Pre-School! We have been amazed by how quickly the children have settled in and engaged with one another. They have loved exploring the brand new provision, inside and out. Well done to all our new starters, we can't wait for you to start with us full time from Monday.


Assembly from Mrs Glossop

posted 13 Jul 2020, 05:18 by Matthew Smith

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