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2020 Infant Nativity - Shine Star, Shine

posted 24 Dec 2020, 07:14 by
We may not have been able to mix year groups or have a live performance but we are not so easily defeated!

This year, classes filmed their contributions and the Year Twos, who traditionally narrate and act, used green screen techniques to breathe some magic into the final performance.

The children have been part of the process from the outset and have learned about scripts, acting, lighting, audio-recording, design, and of course the Christmas story. Perhaps most importantly they have seen the process play out, starting with a blank canvas and seeing how we shape it together into a final performance and celebrate the project as a team.  This of course culminates with the finished video.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

If it won't play reliably on the website then you can download or watch it on the Dore Primary Community Facebook page - even if you don't have a Facebook account.

The Nativity - Shine Star Shine.mp4

Shine Star, Shine is one of the excellent plays by Out of the Ark