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Carolling in the Village Thursday 17 December

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Details are as follows:

Following last year's success we plan to a-caroling go! (That's carol lingo) 

If you missed out last year, we PLANNED to sing around the Christmas tree with maybe a light dusting of powered snow upon our hats and crunching under foot. 

It rained.

Undeterred, we sought refuge in the Hare and Hounds and finding that there was indeed room at the inn, we filled it with rapturous singing.

This year we will tempt the snow fall by planning to go to the inn!

The plan (as is stands) is thus:

Behatted carolers to convene at school
(possibly around the lovely new outdoor classroom) 
Here we may sing a song to begin the proceedings before proceeding to proceed up the hill to the second carol location. 

The Second Carol Location- this may be the Christmas tree or I believe it is customary to sing to (or at) the elderly (whether they like it or not)

We commandeer The Hare and Hounds (and all who sail in her) to collect warm mulled apple juice and raise the roof with a final few carols.

6:30 (okay maybe 6:35ish )
We celebrate a successful caroling with a mince pie and what mulled apple juice hasn't already been spilt down our scarfs, song sheets and instruments.

An ingenious ploy, I think you'll agree.


Other things you'll need:
Appropriate clothing for freezing outside and the warm inn-side. (think safety and visibility too please)
A song sheet - download and print it from the website if possible.
Christmas cheer - even if it's gloomy weather!
To book a table with the H and H if you want to stay and eat afterwards.  It MAY be very busy.

Merry Christmas!

Mr Percy

PS There is just about time to zoom off at 6:30 (or a bit earlier) and go straight to Showboat which starts at the Lyceum at 7:15 if you're trying to fit everything in!