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Cross Country News

posted 8 Mar 2016, 13:48 by Lynnette Glossop   [ updated 10 Mar 2016, 08:14 by ]

Last weekend was the finale of the Sheffield Primary School's cross country season with the "City Championships" marking the culmination of a very productive season for the Dore Primary Cross Country team.

The City Championships is an event run at Graves Park, where all the Primary School's in Sheffield compete in a single event. All schools join together to run the event, volunteering marshals, refreshments, and calculating the results.
Once again our children ran their hardest, supported their friends and showed great sportsmanship.
Martha came 2nd in the city for Y4 girls, Rosa 35th for the Y5/6 girls and Henry 79th  for Y5/6 boys.
Martha has also finished 2nd in this year's cross country league.

We would love more people to join us next year. Once the Y6 children leave we are struggling to have enough children for a team. It would be great if we had some new, enthusiastic runners to join in the fun. 
In case you need some encouragement, the children themselves have given some sound bites as to what cross country running means to them.

Henry says: "It helps keep you fit. It's fun and builds your stamina. I didn't think of it as a team sport until i started going and we've supported each other lots. And afterwards at home my mum makes me brilliant hot chocolate with marshmallows"

Rosa says: "I enjoy the competition and seeing how well I can do in each race, and it's really improving my running"

Martha says: "I love running and have made lots of friends from other year groups and even from other schools. I really loving running around the course when I have finished my race, looking out for my friends and cheering really loudly. I always have hot chocolate afterwards to warm up and it is yummy"

So,  for those who are interested, anyone in Y4, Y5 and Y6 can compete and our first race will be early in September 2016.
Many thanks to the children and their parents for coming along to all the races, continuing to smile whatever the weather, and making this year's cross country season such fun.

A huge thanks to Sally Darley for organising and keeping us updated all season