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Dorelympics 2016

posted 25 Jun 2016, 14:05 by Richard France   [ updated 7 Jul 2016, 13:35 ]

Many thanks for all the support and positive comments regarding this year's Dorelympics. I do hope you have all dried out now after the most memorable closing ceremony ever!  What a shame we never got to complete the closing ceremony. Apart from abbreviating the dance, I really wanted to say some thank-yous, so I will use this email to do so.

  • Capoeira Sheffield - what an amazing and different experience they gave our children. Truly memorable!
  • Sheffield Collegiate Cricket Club - as last year, a fantastically organised experience for our children.  Ben Fielding and his team (of mostly ex-pupils) were enthusiastic from setting up at 7:30am to packing away in the torrential rain.
  • Jo Smith and the DPA - for organising t shirts and ice-lollies for every child.
  • Mr Percy  - for putting so much time into his Samba club.  I think having the band marching with the parade made the ceremonies the best ever.  Mr Percy also ensured we had a dance this year in my absence.
  • Mrs Davis for giving us a new orienteering course with an Olympic theme, and Mr Goodwin for setting up the course on the day.
  • Mr Fletcher - for spending hours 'exploring' the Amazonia zone to create the blindfold routes. 
  • Mr Hall, Mrs Fielding and Miss Henstock - for helping to get the field ready for the day. 
  • Y5 teachers and children for organising the team-building activities in Zone 5.
  • All the staff at Dore for entering so enthusiastically into such a busy day, especially to those who came back out at the end of the day to tidy up the grounds.
  • All the parents who attended and supported during the day.
  • Finally and most importantly, every child at Dore - from the Y6s who led by example and were so supportive of the younger children, to the children in FS2 who had a go at every activity and kept going all day.