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Fabulous Maths Day

posted 4 Dec 2013, 08:15 by Sian Granville   [ updated 5 Dec 2013, 11:44 ]
In support of the NSPCC Maths Day, we went off timetable throughout school as every year group took part in maths activities all day! As you can see from the photographs everyone had lots of fun and every area of maths was explored. A HUGE thank you to all the teachers who came up with such a wide variety of excellent activities, to the parents who came in to help and the children who were keen and enthusiastic, having a go at all the challenges they were set.
In Foundation, they worked on ordering their numbers and the length of different objects as well as lots of outdoor maths with Mrs Russell. One person was the policeman or woman and they had to collect the registration numbers of any scooter drivers who were 'naughty'! A great link from maths to the Road Safety work we're doing in school!
Y1 were also measuring up to maths day, looking at all the different ways we can measure things,followed in the afternoon by a traffic survey in the village then thinking about how to present their data back at school.
In Y2,they were using Numicon to help them get their heads around doubling and halving - good work! After lunch they made their Number Hats, to bring home and got to grips with some Really Tough Maths. Well done Y2!
In the Juniors, in Y3, they began the day were using counting circles to help them to spot the patterns which exist in the times tables and got busy making things to go on their hats. In the afternoon they used ICT  to improve their mathematics and used Chinese dance where they had to listen to the musical beats to follow the dance instructions.
Meanwhile, in Y4 they were linking their Ancient Greek topic, Eureka! to maths by investigating triangles. After a great morning's work on that, the Y4s used French to count and do sums as well as playing maths games and investigating lots of different aspects of maths.
The children in Y5 were having fun too, playing maths games in French and making their Number Hats, which featured nets and 3 dimensional shapes. In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to have help from the Dore Village Society who helped us investigate the data from the census returns for Dore during the reign of Queen Victoria, our current topic. The Y5s looked at the different information each census recorded and what that can tell us about the way Dore village changed in that period.
In Y6F they were working hard on their times tables, and were using their knowledge of maths to help them in a problem solving activity. Across in Y6B they were collaborating in groups to look at the ways we can translate, reflect and rotate 2 dimensional shapes.