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Fluid dynamics, velocity, forces, carbon fibre and much much more!

posted 5 May 2015, 09:27 by Sian Granville
Today the Juniors had a visit from Nick Naylor who inspired us all with his enthusiasm for science, technology and engineering as well as maths. He explained how important engineers are to the world as we live in it and encouraged everyone to think of a career in engineering. It was a very proud moment when he asked whether anyone thought that engineering was 'just for boys' and not a single person put up their hand - the messages about opportunities being there for ALL are clearly getting through!!

Nick then worked with the Y5s to design and build cars from K-nex which we could 'fire' across the hall using compressed air. Times and distances were recorded, mass for each vehicle was also an issue and we discussed how to make design alterations to improve performance. The Y5s showed they are great at team-work, communicating, trial and improvement, comparing performances and data as well as MANY other skills. Finding out about the many different skills which go into designing a successful car means has motivated many of the Juniors. We are all looking forward to the Bloodhound attempt to break the 1,000mph land speed record in South Africa later this year. If you want to know more, ask someone in the Juniors!