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FS2's visit to the Butterfly House

posted 4 Mar 2020, 02:50 by Matthew Smith
FS2 had a fantastic visit to the Butterfly House near Anston to provide immersive experiences as part of our topic on Minibeasts.  

The children had two guided sessions: one where children were introduced to different minibeasts such as giant scorpions, millipedes, cockroaches and stick insects.  The children were told all about how they have different features that allow the animal to defend itself or attack its prey.  The other session looked at how different animals fall into different groups e.g. mammals and birds and how they can be identified e.g. birds tend to have feathers and mammals tend to have fur.  The children were able to take a closer look at a guinea pig, a tropical screech owl and a tortoise)

After lunch the children had a look around the Butterfly House which contained a wide range of animals including fish, parrots, bats and butterflies of course!

The visit has provided us with a lot of ideas for the rest of our topic and we hope to share more of what we've learned later in the term!

We are very grateful to our adult helpers on the day and the children who were terrific ambassadors for our school.

Here's some snaps of our visit!