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Lego Robotics Team "stick together"

posted 20 Dec 2019, 08:01 by Matthew Smith
A fabulous day was spent at Sheffield Hallam University's Hertha Ayrton STEM Centre on Wednesday as the Lego Team performed under pressure to claim the winning points tally in the Lego game section of the First Lego League Sheffield Regionals.

The team have been working on designing a robot that had to perform set missions, each of which award points.  There has had to a lot of creativity, resilience, resourcefulness as well as good teamwork and kindness to work together.  We would also say a whole lot of patience, which is a key value when dealing with programming and robots.

On the day the team had three runs with the robot to complete the missions.  The robot was remarkably consistent with three scores all at or just under the 285 mark.  This meant the team won the trophy for highest score!

But wait!  That's not all!  The team also had to give a project design presentation to a panel of judges and also discuss their robot and its design to a separate panel.  

Unfortunately the judges felt another team was more deserving of the overall award across all areas of judging and so, on this occasion, we won't be going to the national finals in Bristol.  Mr Percy and Mr Smith were delighted with the effort and determination of the team in tough circumstances and have made the school very proud.  Well done team and have a well deserved rest this Christmas!

We also had one member of the team that couldn't make the day.  We would like to give her a special mention as she played a big role in helping prepare for the competition.  She receives a participation medal with the rest of the team.

We also discovered Lego was originally called "Automatic Binding Bricks"and Lego means "play well" in Danish.  

Finally a big thank you to the parents who supported us on the day, it was great for the team (and us!) to have so much support.  Videos and more photos to come in the New Year.

We are very lucky to offer Lego Robotics provision to all our children through class sets of WeDo 2.0 and Ev3.  This was thanks to the recommendation of parent Ben Crunkhorn who works for Arconic.  The Arconuic Foundation allowed us to invest in Lego Robotics kits and sets of iPads with additional help from the DPA, which came to nearly £17,000.  We are very grateful for this support.

If you are aware of any support your company is able to provide school in any subject area please do get in touch.