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Hello again everybody! Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post. I was just checking out the school website - it looks like you guys have been very busy! The Y3 fairtrade cafe looks like it was a great success! I wish I could have been there to try some of those tasty cakes.

We are currently in a town called Valparaiso in Chile, with just two weeks left of South America, but I haven't filled you in about Argentina yet! 

We spent a LOT of time travelling by bus through Argentina - it is an enormous country. The highlights for me were Iguazu Falls (in the north). They are the second largest waterfalls in the world (by volume of water), and were extremely impressive to see. We saw some wildlife there too - some possoms and monkeys.

Buenos Aires was a very exciting city - the capital of Argentina. Lots of history to see, tango dancing to watch and markets to explore. 

About twelve hours south of Buenos Aires we visited a little town on the Atlantic, called Puerto Madryn. In that region there are a lot of welsh towns, so you could go and get a welsh cream tea! There was also so much wildlife to go and see. We took some boat trips out and saw dusky dolphins, commerson dolphins, sealion colonies, elephant seals and penguins. You can normally see whales there too, but we were there at the wrong time of year.

From there we traveled south into Patagonia - the tail end of the Andes mountain range where there is a huge ice field and lots of glaciers to visit, along with lots of impressive mountains to see and climb. The most exciting of these for us was the Perito Moreno glacier near El Calafate; and Mt Fitzroy near El Chalten. Fitzroy and some of the other mountains in this region really stand out because they are very tall, jagged granite peaks. 

We then crossed into Chile, our final country in South America. I haven't sorted out the pictures from Chile yet, so I'll save that story for the next post. Meanwhile, here are some photos from Argentina.

Keanu - I'm so impressed that you found out all of those animal names from my jungle trip! Well done!

Tom - I think my favourite animal so far has been . . . the turtles in the Galapagos. Although I really liked the dolphins too; and the frogs! Oooh it's so hard to choose! 

I hope the weather is getting better for you all - spring must be on it's way soon! We are beginning to move into Autumn here - and I think it will be the same in New Zealand (our next stop). We've just passed the 6 month mark - I've never been away so long!

Missing home and missing all of you guys.
I'll hopefully be going into a school in New Zealand - so I'm hoping some of you will be interested in communicating with some children from there, tell them a bit about Sheffield and England. I'm very interested to see how their school lives differ from ours.

Hope you enjoy the photos and I'll keep an eye on the guest book if anybody has any more questions!