Cartagena and the Caribbean Coast

posted 18 Sept 2012, 21:01 by Heather Wyatt   [ updated 18 Sept 2012, 21:15 by ]
Martes dieciochos Septiembre, Buenos Tardes! How have the first few weeks been? I hope those of you in new classrooms are enjoying them, I wish I could see the new mobiles!!! Since I last wrote we have travelled around lots, I am certainly getting used to the buses, having spent so many hours on them now! From Manizales we went to a little town called Salento, where we did a trek up into some of the mountains. At the top of one of the paths we reached a lady who lives there, and she gives out a huge bowl of hot chocolate, with a big lump of cheese next to it, to every traveller who reaches her. The hot chocolate was delicious, although I wasn't quite convinced by the cheese. There were hundreds of humming birds there too, absolutely beautiful and mesmerising to watch. 
 We then spent 24 hours, on 3 different buses, travelling up to Cartagena de Indias, on the Caribbean coast. During the colonial period Cartagena was the key outpost of the Spanish empire, and it suffered many sieges, including several from Sir Francis Drake. In their navy museum they describe Sir Francis Drake as a pirate! :-)
The climate in Cartagena is extremely hot and humid, so we have moved along the coast a little further, to a little fishing village called Taganga. It's very beautiful here, with a bit more of a breeze - although still super hot and humid! 
I am practising my Spanish, although it is still very difficult to converse. 
Missing you all, it would be great if any of you want to do a bit of learning at home about any of the places I visit - see if you can find out anything that I don't know or have missed on my travels!  

In the coffee plantation The coffee plantation
Salento The hummingbirds!