Medellin and Menizales

posted 9 Sept 2012, 18:47 by Heather Wyatt   [ updated 9 Sept 2012, 18:47 by ]
I hope you've all had a good first week back at school? It feels very strange not to be there!
From Bogota we got an overnight bus to Medellin, a beautiful and vibrant city surrounded by mountains. We stayed there a couple of days and have now travelled to another city called Menizales, which has the steepest roads I've ever seen! (Far steeper than Sheffield!) Tomorrow we are going to visit some hot thermal springs, as there are a few volcanoes around this area. We were going to see one, but unfortunately it is (very slowly) erupting at the moment and is closed to visitors! Today we went to visit a coffee plantation and got to see the whole process, from seed to a very delicious cup of coffee! The workers who pick the beans at this plantation (Hacienda Guayabal) earn about £80 a week for working 8 hours a day. It is very hot in the sunshine and there are lots of little flies that bite your legs! (Mine are covered!) Columbia really is a beautiful country, I will try to upload some pictures for you to see soon. I do wish that I had learnt more Spanish - not many people speak English here and my Spanish isn't very good! I should have asked Mrs. Davis to give me some lessons before I came away! Maybe some of you could send me some useful phrases? :-) Chao for now!