San Gil

posted 5 Oct 2012, 20:41 by Heather Wyatt   [ updated 5 Oct 2012, 20:41 by ]
Viernes 5 Octubre 2012 - Buenos Noches Amigos! Como estas? Estoy muy bien y me gusta Colombia! We are currently in a little town called San Gil, about 7 hours on the bus north-east of Bogota. It's a very friendly little town with lots of things to do. We went paragliding a few days ago, over the most beautiful canyon. Again, I was so scared, my legs turned to jelly! I did it in tandem, meaning that I was strapped to somebody who knew what they were doing. We were on top of a huge hill, and once they got the parachute up in the air we just had to run, as fast as we could, towards the edge of the hill. Terrifyingly it was just as we got the the edge that the wind picked us up, and then we were flying! We flew so high up that you couldn't see the people below us on the hill anymore. The canyon looked amazing, with the mountains in the distance. Such a great experience! I am half-way through a Spanish course and have just finished my homework :-) It's so hard to remember all of the vocabulary and the different verbs, but it's giving my brain a good work-out! We've been away over a month now, which is the longest I have ever been away from home. I miss my friends and family, and you guys! I hope everything is going well at school? Chao for now!