Scuba Diving

posted 26 Sept 2012, 14:46 by Heather Wyatt   [ updated 1 Oct 2012, 23:34 by ]
26th September 2012 - For the past three days I have been doing my Open Water PADI certification in scuba diving. I have never felt more terrified about learning something new than the day we walked in to the centre and signed up. Thankfully on the first day a lot of it was learning the theory, learning the dangers and practising in the pool. Breathing underwater is the strangest sensation I have ever had, you feel and sound very much like Darth Vadar. On the second day we did two dives, both at depths of 12m. There were a lot of things to remember, and a lot of skills to practice down there, which were quite challenging. I was very frightened, and normally when I am that scared then I give up, but I feel so good now that I persevered. Today we did two more dives, but this time at 18m. The visibility under the ocean wasn't as good as yesterday, and the currents were stronger, again making it pretty scary, but once we had done the exercises that we needed to do we could swim around and look at the amazing sea-life down there.  I saw eels, giant angel fish, an octopus, a blow fish and hundreds more! Such an exhilarating feeling, swimming along with so many amazing creatures. I'm still not entirely convinced that the ocean is the place for me, but I feel so proud of myself for completing the course. We have been in Taganga for over a week now, it's very lovely here. I hope you are all doing well? Miss Atkinson