Gold Travel Award

posted 9 Aug 2013, 08:30 by Lynnette Glossop   [ updated 9 Aug 2013, 08:30 by Richard Hanks ]
In July 2013 2 school ambassadors were able to collect the Gold Travel Award for the 3rd year running with our score topping the highest ever points.  Points are awarded linked to the School Travel Plan and are scored against the many road safety initiatives provided by Sheffield, our own road safety curriculum work, Dore Primary initiatives and special campaigning.  The awards ceremony was a great opportunity to explain some of our recent road difficulties to Jackie Drayton, SCC Cabinet Minister for Education and John Bann SCC Head of Transport, Traffic and Parking.  We also raised awareness about our 20 is Plenty campaign.  I am very pleased to announce that John Bann listened very seriously and is now guiding and supporting the school as together we improve safety for our children.