One World Week

posted 10 Mar 2013, 23:07 by Lynnette Glossop   [ updated 10 Mar 2013, 23:15 by Richard Hanks ]
Thank you for the fabulous support for our One World Week in which the children learn about Fairtrade and also took part in UNICEF Day for Change: 2013 Lunch is a Lifeline Campaign.
Through our Fairtrade Cafes and fund raising we 'TOGETHER made a difference!'

We have raised £596.27 for UNICEF day for Change :)

£165.12 was raised by the Y6s, who are donating their gift 'Send a Cow' and did buy a cow! :)

£136.89 was raised by the Y5s for Action Aid which links in with their Chembakoli :)

Hunger has a lasting effect on the life of a child. Without the support of UNICEF, children in Kenya and in countries around the world will suffer more malnourishment, leading to poor health and therefore low school attendance, and no education means that children become more vulnerable to exploitation.

An assortment of bowls, cups and jugs – held out by small hands eager to be the first to be filled from the vats of steaming porridge. Ada Abdi Mathow, 11, has no complaints. "I like it", he says. "It’s always tasty."

For Ada and his classmates, lunch is the only meal of the day. And from the small family groups that dotted the school yard, it soon became clear that the 150 gm portions of porridge were going a lot further than feeding individual students. from UNICEF Day for Change 2013.

Dore Fantastic Fairtraders Assembly 2013