posted 27 Feb 2013, 23:06 by Lynnette Glossop   [ updated 3 Mar 2013, 00:05 by Richard Hanks ]
Yesterday some children had the wonderful opportunity through Children's University of attending a Stargazing evening. We started off at the National Trust Moorland Centre at Longshaw where we were well led by very friendly staff in 4 different activities including making a planisphere and collaboratively working out a treasure hunt in the woods. We then moved on to Surprise View where two professional astronomers from Bradford University expertly guided us in Stargazing in a perfect night sky! Stellar and AWESOME! Thanks to the parents who joined us and to all the staff who gave us such a GREAT opportunity!  ...... and I was very proud of the enthusiasm and detailed knowledge about Space of our Dore pupils. You were marvellous ambassadors for the school! :)  Some comments:
"I really enjoyed doing the actual Stargazing but it was really cold! And I learned about lots of different constellations that I'd never heard of before. My favourite thing was seeing Jupiter."  Harry
"Having just visited the Moorland Discovery centre and surprise view with the children at Dore Primary School.
What a very interesting and fantastic place to go.
It was a truly amazing stargazing evening, We have to go back for more.
Making the planisphere was fab,
The staff are so good helpful and very informative.
The treasure hunt, the children loved and the marsh mallows were delicious.
We then went to surprise view and what a surprise it was we will remember the stars and want to go back again.
We went straight home and saw the stars we had learnt about in the sky.
There are other websites too we have been told about which are of interest which are:
Nasa solar systems
Universe today
My which is a unique observatory in Tenerife available on line and accessible by all
* Use an online telescope in one of the best observatory sites in the world.
* Make your very own beautiful pictures of space and share them with friends.
* Collect rewards and unlock new areas and discover fascinating facts about space.
* I could go on and on but just going to check my telescope now for more stars to learn about."  Jane Borden