Y4 Perform at Sheffield City Hall

posted 16 Mar 2013, 05:04 by Sarah Drazek   [ updated 19 Mar 2013, 05:11 by Richard Hanks ]
Y4D worked with the theatre group 'Griffin Theatre' to celebrate part of Sheffield's History. Sarah and Tim, from the company, came into school and taught the pupils a range of drama techniques alongside vocal techniques. Following a few rehearsals the pupils were ready to perform at The City Hall.
Six primary schools from around South Yorkshire came together and each school performed a drama and a vocal piece to represent part of Sheffield's History. Our pupils had the job of recreating World War II.
The pupils developed an understanding of  this period of time, and the expressions on their faces throughout their time on stage, really helped the audience to understand thoughts and feelings from this time.
A fabulous celebration of the children's hard work!
Some quotes from the children:

"I’ve enjoyed learning songs and putting drama into it, it helps you understand the song a bit better."


"If you don’t know much about singing and drama you can get more information about it.  Next time we do something like this, we’ll know what we’re doing."


"It’s the first time I’ve been up on stage in front of people – I’m a bit nervous but I’m excited!"


"Performing in front of other people makes you feel more confident."

"I like performing in front of other people and seeing their reactions."


"You get to meet other people from other schools, even if you don’t see them much again, you can still make new friends."


"You get to mix with other people who might be going to the same secondary school as you."