Y5 Victorian School Day

posted 29 Nov 2012, 08:30 by Sian Granville   [ updated 29 Nov 2012, 08:30 by Richard Hanks ]
Today both Y5 classrooms were transported back in time to 1892 to see what being in a Victorian School would have been like. The boys and girls lined up seperately in the yard, came into school silently and then sat in rows, boys on one side of the classroom girls on the other. During the morning we did Arithmetic on our slates, handwriting with ink pens (very messy), recitation to improve our diction and we learnt about the British Empire. We were also visited by a very scary Government Inspector, who checked the cleanliness of hands, our mental arithmetic and our speaking voices. Sadly, some fell short of our very high standards and had to be chastised. On the whole, we all decided, children and teachers, that we prefer 2012 school, when we can talk, help each other and learn things for ourselves instead of just repeating what we have been told.