Y5Visit to Cannon Hall

posted 28 Nov 2012, 06:37 by Sian Granville   [ updated 28 Nov 2012, 06:37 by Richard Hanks ]
Both classes visited Cannon Hall over two days last week as part of our Victorian topic. We all spent the day learning about some of the jobs Victorian servants did. We cooked our own lunch - vegetable soup, bread rolls, apple crumble and custard - on the Victorian coal-fired stove and made sugar mice as treats. It was delicious and very welcome after a morning doing the laundry, making butter, polishing the brass, sweeping leaves and beating dirty carpets! As a the Master and Mistress of the house were out, we were also allowed a peek at the way wealthy Victorians lived. We saw the mirror the Master used to keep an eye on the gardeners (to make sure they were working hard) and where the Mistress of the house would have her afternoon tea parties. We were taught the correct way to bow or curtsey and that servants should never be seen or heard. Because the weather was better on Friday when Y5G were at Cannon Hall, we were able to play with the Victorian toys outside before lunch, which was great fun.
It was a wonderful day and we all learnt a lot but we were very thankful to return to our homes with central heating, washing machines, fridges, electric ovens and vacuum cleaners! Mrs Addis very kindly agreed to accompany both classes and her expertise in the Larder was invaluable - thank you again!! Also thank you so much to all the parents who came with us and were so brilliant at dressing up to enter the spirit of the day - we hope you had as much fun as we did!