Year 2 Summer Trip to The Deep

posted 22 Jul 2013, 02:01 by   [ updated 22 Jul 2013, 02:01 by Richard Hanks ]
Our Year 2 classes went to visit The Deep in Hull on Thursday 11th July. We had a wonderful time discovering all sorts of different sea creatures. The clear favourite was the sawfish (not swordfish) whose nose was indeed in the shape of a saw. We saw rays, poisonous blue frogs, the ever popular clown fish, jelly fish, sharks, eels. All sorts of different creatures. We also had a little classroom time learning about sealife habitats and how to tell if a crab can swim. Ask one of our year 2 children for the answer! One of the highlights (apart from the shop) was watching the divers feed the fish. They have to wear metal mesh gloves to protect their fingers from over-enthusiastic creatures. We enjoyed watching the cheeky sharks come round for another go at the food.
The children were fantastic ambassadors for our school all behaving well and showing great interest.