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Reception's Church Visit

posted 25 Jun 2015, 03:05 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 29 Jun 2015, 12:11 by Lynnette Glossop ]
On Wednesday, Reception went to visit Rev Katie Tupling and Richard Knight at Christ Church, Dore village.

We spent the morning finding items and objects around the church and thinking about their meaning, the materials used to make them and the purpose of different objects in the church.  We also got to go up into the bell room and watch the Captain of the Tower, Richard, demonstrate how the bells worked and the children had a go at ringing one of them!  The teachers and parents got to ring the big 500kg bell too!

It was a wonderful morning and our thanks to Katie and Richard, as well as all the parents who supported the visit.  We've been very lucky this year to have had the levels of support we have had for visits and walks so thank you.

 Child on the Bishop's Chair Child behind the altar.
 Children with the font Children in the pulpit
 With a map of the world 
Christ Church Dore
 The gates into Christ Church Dore Exploring the outside.
 We found the tree stump! Richard Knight explaining the bells to the children.
 Richard Knight explaining the bells to the children. Inside the bell-ringing room.
  Group photo outside church


 Children using the handbells.


 Children ringing the smallest bell.


 Mr Percy ringing the 500KG bell!