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Safer Internet Day

posted 8 Feb 2019, 08:36 by Matthew Smith   [ updated 8 Feb 2019, 08:55 ]

Dore Primary School has been taking part in activities to support Safer Internet Day throughout this week.  This year the theme has been "Together for a better internet".  Although children are learning about online safety throughout the year, mostly through PSHE and Computing, SID provides an opportunity to give this important area of learning some extra focus.

Children in infants started with an assembly which highlighted the importance of talking to an adult if any requests for information pop up when playing games or doing anything on a device.

Children in juniors also had an assembly with the focus on obtaining consent before sharing content that involves friends and family.

Here are some examples of what happened in the classrooms:

Y1 answered some questions about being safe online by throwing bean bags into yes and no hoops, such as:

Is it ok to take somebody's picture without asking?
Is it ok to borrow your parents' phone without asking?
Is it ok to play online games with your school friends?
Is it ok to play online games with someone you don't know?
Is it ok to look at a website in school without checking with your teacher?

The children answered thoughtfully and / or after some discussion could identify the right thing to do.  

Y2 looked at the same questions as Y1 and discussed what they felt was right.  They made a green hand and a red hand and stuck them on different scenarios on the one they thought was good or bad. For example 'playing on a tablet at home with a parents permission'

Y3 completed a quiz about online safety and then discussed how to deal with a range of different scenarios they could be presented with on the internet. 
They sorted actions into "Safe" and "Unsafe" categories and then created posters to inform others about keeping safe on the internet.

Y4 have incorporated SID into a wider part of the Y4 computing curriculum: how the internet works and how we can use it safely. We have learnt how computers connect up to form a local network (see photo). We then found out how networks are connected via the internet and how to share information safely. For SID itself, we learnt how people and organisations ask for different permissions and we need to understand what we are accepting perform giving our permission. Next week, we will use this understanding to share information from personal food diaries safely using the internet. This is part of our topic 'Food for Thought'.

Remember there is great parent advice available from Parent Info on online safety matters.  We have a news feed direct from them on our website on the Online Safety page.

A huge thanks to all the staff and children for engaging so well with such an important day.