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Sheffield Children’s Book Award 2014

posted 5 Nov 2014, 07:59 by Richard Hanks
The Year 5 children who attended the fabulous Sheffield Children’s Book Award have written a report of the day.

On 5th of November 72 children went to the Sheffield Children’s Book Award. It was at the Crucible Theatre near the Town Hall. All the Y4 and 8 people from Y5 went, the Y5s went was because they attended the Book Club last year. We were all excited to know who the winners were.

We left school and walked up to the bus stop, Mrs Drazek’s class had to wait for 30 minutes before the bus arrived. On the bus some read news-papers and took them home. Because we were so late so we ran all the way to the theatre!

We got to the theatre and we looked around the Crucible, then we got to our seats. We saw all the other schools, there were 26 schools in the theatre, but Miss Stevens class got really good seats in the middle and in front of the screen. At the beginning of the ceremony a lady called Trisha introduced herself as the host of the show.

We got ready to hear the results of the most popular books in each section. They started off with the baby book results. The winner was Andy Mansfield who made a book called Fish Food. Next they did the picture books, the winner was Claire Freedman and Sue Hendra who made a book called Spider Sandwiches. Next came the short stories, Michael Rosen and Tony Ross were the winners and the book was Fluff The Farting Fish. This was followed by the longer novels. The winner was Pete Johnson and the book was called My Parents Are Out of Control. Last was the young adults prize and the winner was Rick Yancey who wrote The 5th Wave. Many authors were there to collect their awards and sy thanks for being great readers.

Some of the ceremony had a World War I theme, there were lots of paper poppies all over the stage. Three boys from other schools performed a World War I book all about how and why the poppies grew.

The overall winner was announced by the Lady Mayoress, the winner was Spider Sandwiches. After she announced they were the winner, the author got presented with a beautiful wooden trophy you could tell they were very happy.

Then the host, Trisha, said that we could win a prize. We had to look under our chairs and try and find a red star. Some of us got them and others didn't. Back out of the theatre we could by books, most of us bought either:Penguins can’t fly
    • Spider sandwich
    • Spaghetti with the yeti
    • Ding dong gorilla
    • Troll and Oliver
    • Or other books.

We could even get them signed by the authors who were there, people got poppies signed too. All of us were very excited to meet real life authors! We met all sorts of authors, but we really wanted to meet Michael Rosen but he couldn’t come because of something else, neither could Tony Ross, what a shame.

After all that, we went to the Peace Gardens for lunch. We got bombarded by pigeons. A few silly people screamed, but the rest told them to not be silly.

Lots of people caught the reading bug and they were reading in the Theatre, in the park and on the bus!

It was an awesome day, and everyone enjoyed it, even the teachers!

Who got caught reading?