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Sheffield Children's Book Award 2015

posted 12 Nov 2015, 08:16 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 13 Nov 2015, 00:56 by ]
We have just returned from a fabulous day at the 2015 Sheffield Children's Book Award, the children worked collaboratively to write up this report.

Last year the children of Sheffield had a choice to read different fiction books or historical books. After the pupils read their books they had to vote which one they admired the best. The schools sent their votes to the book award and the votes were added up. The book that got the most votes would be the winner book of the category and the author would get a certificate. Then there would be a trophy for the author if their book was voted the most!

Earlier, we had to rush just to get to the bus because we were a bit late, we just arrived at a hectic bus stop in time. We were the most chatty people on the bus - that is something to be happy about I think! 

When we got to our destination we got off the bus and stretched our legs, we walked past the Crucible to Tudor Square, where we did our activity, which was make your own alphabet using your hearing, eyesight, feelings and smells, it was quite hard! Then we had a talk on how we can represent our school in the Crucible because it got REALLY crowded in there, but I was very excited because the doors soon opened and there were hundreds of books waiting to be bought and signed but we had top wait for that!


We took our seats in the packed theatre. The first category was the baby book, the books in that category where A recipe for bedtime, The queen’s hat, and the the winner of the baby book category was Can you say it to (woof woof )! 

Next it was the picture book category, in this category there was Chicken Clicking , There's a lion in my corn flakes, Oi frog, worries go away, this book just ate my dog and My name is Bob. The winner of this category was This book just ate my dog. 

The next category was short novels, including the Dragon sitters island, Buckle and squash and The monstrous moat dragon. Next is the Jolly rogers and the ghostly galleon. The winner of this category was the Jolly rogers and the ghostly galleon! 

Next it was the longer novel category: My brothers shadow, The imaginary and A boy called hope. The winner of this category was A boy called hope. 

The second to last category was young adults , Terror kid, The rain, Cowgirl, No going back and the winner Thirteen Chairs. The final category was the Historical fiction , Wall, The Christmas truce , Daisy saves the day. The winner of this category was the wall. 

Book Award Live into rehearsal

Mr Percy’s music band, The Philosophers,  performed a song called ‘Take a journey’ with cello, accordion, guitar and voices. As they sat down with grins on their faces. The song they wrote together and performed had the audience in silent awe and they got the biggest cheer when they were finished. We were very proud!

The overall winner of the book awards was then announced: Lara Williamson who had written A boy called hope.This was our most popular choice too, so we were pleased with this result.

After the overall winner was confirmed, we left the theatre and sat down to eat a snack. Shortly after we finished our snacks we went to the Waterstones buying stall. We all bought some books; some of us bought horror books and some bought short novels, none of us bought picture books! Later, we went back into the theatre to get our books signed by the authors. Some of the authors there were: Virginia Bergin, Dave Shelton, Kes Gray and Lara Williamson (the overall winner had the longest queue).


We ate our lunch just outside the stage in the Crucible theatre it was really tasty, we could see out the big window people were setting up for a gig over the road. 

We came out of the crucible and headed over to the bus stop we waited a bit. When the 81 bus came we paid and got on, it was already quite full so when we got on it was a  squishy, I think we were the noisiest, but people also read their books too excited to wait!
Thanks to all the parents who accompanied us. Looking forward to 2016 already.