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Solar Eclipse - Foundation

posted 20 Mar 2015, 09:55 by Matthew Smith
In YRS, we went out with pinhole viewers and collanders (after a long safety talk) to try and watch the solar eclipse.  The children were terrific but unfortunately by the time the sun was out properly the eclipse had finished.  They'll have to try again in 2026!  See this week's blog post next week for some more photos.

 One collander showing circles of light but not the sun. We got some light but not an image of the sun through the collanders as the sun was behind a cloud.
 YRS outside The children had to face away from the sun and had a long talk about safety before we went outside.  They were great
 One child with a home made viewer.One of the class had made a pinhole viewer at home.  Much more craftsmanship than Mr Smith's cereal boxes!