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SYFIG Music Group

posted 10 Mar 2015, 08:18 by Julia Hope-Gill

Dore Primary School is part of the SYFIG (Sheffield Young Faith Investigators Group) in the city and we have been writing a song. We send four children to the main SYFIG group in the city. However, in school we are a larger group that discusses some of the issues raised at the city meetings. We have been using a P4C (Philosophy for Children) format for discussing some "Big Questions" back at school. The children are amazing, highly articulate, engaging and have come up with some brilliant ideas.

Based on our first discussion we have written a song! Mr Percy helped us write the song and he used Dragon Scales to put the tune together with the children. Today we had a visit from music maestro Nick Cox who advised us further how to make our song even better. We will be performing it in June 2015 as part of the conference. If you hear some of the children humming it, like myself and Mr Percy, you will know where it comes from! Mrs Hope-Gill