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The Wileman Cup 2015

posted 4 May 2015, 06:56 by Richard France
After 43 matches, we have new winners of the Wileman Cup - AFC Kerwin!  They are a newly-formed team, joining the Dore Premier League just this season.


The season started back in March, on what should have been an early spring day, but was in fact a lunchtime of snow, sleet and hail!  The teams playing that day were not put off though, and managed to produce some good football in terrible conditions.  After the first round of matches (two mini-leagues with five teams in each league), Busheywood United and Devonshire Rovers were setting the pace in League 1, and Abbeydale Park Wanderers (another new team this year) and AFC Kerwin were leading in League Two.

 League One and League Two matches 

During the second round of matches, the leading teams in each league were challenged by Vicarage Athletic in League 1 and by Cavendish Athletic in League 2.  In a nail-biting finish to both leagues, Busheywood United, Devonshire Rovers, Abbeydale Park Wanderers and AFC Kerwin qualified for the semi-finals.  In the first semi-final Busheywood narrowly beat Abbeydale one nil.  The second semi-final saw a masterclass from Josh (AFC Kerwin), marking Charlie and then Matt out of the game.  Devonshire Rovers were unlucky though, as Kerwin scored a couple of goals that bobbled in via divots in the pitch or deflections, making the 4-1 scoreline appear more one-sided than the game actually was.

Semi-final action

The final, played in glorious sunshine on 30th April, saw Her Majesty the Queen make her annual appearance, along with guests of honour Mrs Hopkinson and Mr Wileman (the Headteacher the trophy was named after around 30 years ago!).  Busheywood got off to a flying start, with Yasir (who got up from his sick bed to play in the final) scoring straight from kick-off.  Kerwin struck straight back though, and led 4-1 at half-time.  They added 2 more in the second half, to run out 6-1 winners.

 Wileman Cup Winners 2015 - AFC Kerwin!

This season, as always, the 95 participants, conducted themselves in a very sporting manner, and we saw some high quality football on display.  The whole tournament was epitomised for me when Sammy, the captain of Totley Brook Wanderers, scored his team's first goal of the season in their fourth game.  The whole team celebrated this goal with as much relish as AFC Kerwin celebrated winning the final!  All ten Y6 captains should be really proud of themselves, because as well as their excellent leadership skills for their teams, without their help setting up and refereeing the games each lunchtime, the competition would be hard work for me, rather than the fun it always is!