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Y4H Learning Journey 2013-2014 - the original year group learning journey!

The Last Day in Y4H

posted 19 Jul 2014, 07:38 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 19 Jul 2014, 14:09 by Lynnette Glossop ]

So 18th July 2014 was the last day of Y4H, it has been a super year. The children and staff have worked incredibly hard but had a lot of fun too. Our last day together was a great example of everyone enjoying our time together.

Thanks to everyone  for their support and generosity this year, including all the wonderful gifts I received at the end of term. Enjoy the summer and come and see us in Year 5 next year.

Smartie Fractions

We started our last day by eating chocolate, but only once the children had worked out the fraction of each coloured smarties in their boxes!

Outdoor fun and games

We enjoyed some super activities out on the grounds: street dance from Ethan, cheer-leading and a big game of football.

Fun and Games

We finished the day with the games and activities the children had brought in from home.

Y4H Special Days for Gambian School and Eco Art

posted 19 Jul 2014, 07:05 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 19 Jul 2014, 14:18 by Lynnette Glossop ]

Y4H Special Days Book for Gambian School

As part of Dore Primary Schools link with Jamisa Lower Basic School in the Gambia we prepared a book about our personal Special Days: Holidays, Religious festivals, Birthdays, starting school, new arrivals and family occasions and lots of other significant memories. It is a wonderful collection, read it here: Y4H Special Days Book for Gambian School.

Eco Art

We are very grateful to Mr Goodwin for organising an Eco Art afternoon for the whole school on the last Thursday of term. Y4H, and everyone else, had a fantastic time creating individual pieces using just natural materials from the school grounds and homes.

Maths - Fraction Games

posted 19 Jul 2014, 06:36 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 19 Jul 2014, 06:36 by Lynnette Glossop ]

In Maths recently we have really been getting to grips with fractions. We have been working with fractions of shapes and numbers and finding equivalent fractions. Probably the favourite session was using games, such as dominos, to practice our skills.

Y4 Book Club Final Meeting

posted 13 Jul 2014, 03:41 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 13 Jul 2014, 03:41 by Lynnette Glossop ]

Exquisite Corpses in Y4!

(or how to spend your lunch break in Book Club!)

We had our final Book Club meeting on Wednesday this week and it was very special, here is the amazing surreal poem the children created:

A dog walks on a shimmering gooey blue pig.
A bull cooks shiny Shiverton Hall.
The dog is writing to a yummy hamster.
A tree washes goo.

The pig shouts out at the slippy glue :
"Grass is poking in Minecraft London,
While the monkey bars tickle brown poo !"

Cheeseburgers sing : "Smelly table !"
The pig quickly walks towards the gooey dog.

A pink film watches a table.

We then enjoyed, Michael Rosen's inspirational chocolate cake, followed by real cakes! Many thanks to Karine Zbinden for her cakes and support throughout the year!

Tudor Dance

posted 8 Jul 2014, 13:43 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 8 Jul 2014, 13:43 by Lynnette Glossop ]

We have been lucky in Year 4 to have expert dance tuition from Miss Fiona. She has been working on a fantastic Tudor Dance that we presented today. First the dancers were introduced to the King and Queen and then the formal dance began. Imagine, like the children did, the stiff ruffs, breeches, dresses and other formal Tudor clothing!

Year 4 Tudor Dance

Exploring Friction in Science

posted 3 Jul 2014, 23:40 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 3 Jul 2014, 23:40 by Lynnette Glossop ]

Science Friction!

This half term we have done a lot of work exploring the force of friction. 

Using Newton Meters to test friction and other forces.

Seeing how different surfaces have different amounts of friction (and making brilliant splat monsters!)

Coin slide experiment across different surfaces

Maths Day Summer 2014

posted 26 Jun 2014, 00:19 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 00:19 by Lynnette Glossop ]

Global Dimension Maths 

Bit late posting this up. our Summer Maths Day was on 12 June, but it was a fabulous day and I wanted to share our great work. This term all the day had a global theme, so each of our numerical activities had a geographical or cultural theme.

Sorting World Cup Teams using a Carroll Diagram

With the start of the World Cup we took the opportunity to explore the different nations involved. We looked for different ways to sort and group their flags; symmetry, colours, shapes, counting different elements.

Statistics for African Countries

We thought carefully about the units we would need to use to gather data on all the countries that make up the African continent; population, area, perimeter, highest point etc.

Is this really FairTrade?

We looked at the prices of different chocolate bars, then estimated how much each group of people involved in their production received; the farmers in Ghana, Production Factory and Shop Keepers. The children were really surprised how little the farmers in Africa received for their work. They came up with a different payment structure that would definitely be FairTrade!

Build It - Problem-solving Fun Day at Kelham Island Museum

posted 25 Jun 2014, 00:13 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 25 Jun 2014, 00:13 by Lynnette Glossop ]

On Monday 9th June, 10 Year 4 children traveled on the bus to Kelham Island Museum to take part in a problem-solving fun day called Build It! It was a fabulous day, the children worked incredibly well as a team to build there projects:
  • A Commonwealth Health Centre
  • A Fairground ride
  • A mode of transport
These were then all added to the town with constructions from other schools.

An interesting element to the day was that we had 14 tokens to purchase significant items for the models. This meant the children had to plan their work carefully and not be too elaborate!

Send My Friend to School

posted 25 Jun 2014, 00:05 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 25 Jun 2014, 00:05 by Lynnette Glossop ]

In preparation for the International Evening tonight, Y4H have been thinking about the need to Send ALL My Friends to School

We created buddies, some with disabilities, that will be sent to our local MP to help ensure everyone gets the education they deserve.

Some of the messages the children wrote include:
  • Treat everyone equally, disability or not.
  • 57 million children have no education!
  • Everyone deserves an education. 
  • 24 million children with disabilities don't go to school.
  • You said by 2015 every child would go to school, please don't break your promise.
  • No one should be left out of school.
  • Make it happen!

Sports Day 2014

posted 24 Jun 2014, 23:49 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 24 Jun 2014, 23:49 by Lynnette Glossop ]

As you can see from the main news page, Sports Day 2014 was another huge success. I wanted to share a photo of Y4H, who looked great in their bright T-Shirts. Everyone in the class agreed it was a super day. 

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