Children in Need 2013

posted 15 Nov 2013, 05:20 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 15 Nov 2013, 05:21 by Lynnette Glossop ]
All the children in Y4H all made an excellent contribution to Children in Need in 2013; donating to wear non-uniform clothes, running stalls and spending money to contribute to the special cause.
We also spent some time thinking about how lucky we are, and why it is good for us to help others that need some support.
  • "We raise money for children in need because they don't have a home like us." Laura May
  • "Some people do not have money to afford medicene for their mum or dad when they maybe have cancer" Izzy Gillert
  • "We give money to a charity for people who need it more than we do." Eden Goldman
  • "I think Children in Need is important because some people aren't as lucky as us." Ethan Smith
  • "I will donate to charity because it would help the littl boys with problems." Luke Balfour
  • "I think Children in Need does a great job helping children with their life." Alex Oliver
  • "The money that we raise will make a very big difference to everyone" Pippa Broughton
  • "Children in Need is about giving money to people who are ill" Joe Holmes
  • "I think Children in Need is good because people who need to have a childhood get it, that's why I sponsored people!" Zack Smith-Dunn
  • "I think we need Children in Need because some children have different abilities" Rosa Pudner
  • "I think Childern in Need is important because you're helping children that have been or are in hospital." Chloe Roper
  • "Everyone can help others." Mabel Rutter