ICT ... Lots and lots of ICT

posted 12 Jun 2014, 02:34 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 12 Jun 2014, 02:34 by Lynnette Glossop ]
We have been doing lots of ICT and computing work recently, the pupils of Y4H have (mostly, see below) been very good at it.

Gabriel and Jacob demonstrate their blog style learning Journals

We have been really pleased to have Jacob and Gabriel join Y4H at half term. They have been super additions to our class. They introduced themselves by showing us their blog style learning journals, full of pictures, music and colourful text. The amount of Minecraft and Pokemon content was certainly of interest to lots of people in the class. Great stuff boys!

Robot Mr Hanks 

To prepare us for the new Computing curriculum, we have have been exploring terms like algorithms. We found out it is a simple set of instructions. We realised how important precision was when writing instructions as the children wrote an algorithm for a Robot Mr Hanks to prepare a jam sandwich. The results were not strictly edible!

The instruction to "put a piece of bread on top" does not end well.

Writing our initials on screen

After learning how precise instructions are so important we use the FMSLogo software to write our initials using just simple forward, backward, turn left, turn right, pen up and pen down instructions.

Zack is supporting England in the World Cup with his England flag!