Maths Day Summer 2014

posted 26 Jun 2014, 00:19 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 00:19 by Lynnette Glossop ]

Global Dimension Maths 

Bit late posting this up. our Summer Maths Day was on 12 June, but it was a fabulous day and I wanted to share our great work. This term all the day had a global theme, so each of our numerical activities had a geographical or cultural theme.

Sorting World Cup Teams using a Carroll Diagram

With the start of the World Cup we took the opportunity to explore the different nations involved. We looked for different ways to sort and group their flags; symmetry, colours, shapes, counting different elements.

Statistics for African Countries

We thought carefully about the units we would need to use to gather data on all the countries that make up the African continent; population, area, perimeter, highest point etc.

Is this really FairTrade?

We looked at the prices of different chocolate bars, then estimated how much each group of people involved in their production received; the farmers in Ghana, Production Factory and Shop Keepers. The children were really surprised how little the farmers in Africa received for their work. They came up with a different payment structure that would definitely be FairTrade!