No Pens Day - 9 October 2013

posted 9 Oct 2013, 14:40 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 9 Oct 2013, 14:40 by Lynnette Glossop ]

"What is the point of no pens day"

This was one of the questions that arose early on during our No Pens Day (thanks Eleanor). By the end of Wednesday I think we had some answers. We had to really deploy our communication skills. To achieve our learning objectives in Reading, Maths and Topic work we not only needed verbal and non-verbal communication skills, teamwork proved vital.

We finished the day with a Philosophy for Children (P4) discussion that focussed on recycling, inspired by Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethal.

The question that was selected to be explores was 'why do people litter'? 

The discussion was excellent, with lots of different view points and ideas. 

We all agreed that littering was a poor choice, and that we would all do our best to:

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle