One World Week - One Hen - Ghana

posted 6 Mar 2014, 08:52 by Richard Hanks   [ updated 6 Mar 2014, 08:52 by Lynnette Glossop ]
This week is One World Week, so as well as the Y4H Fairtrade Cafe, the children have been finding out about developing countries such a Ghana.

Ghana is were the book One Hen is set. Based on a true story, One Hen explains how one young man took a small loan, enough to buy one hen, and went on to support his community and country.

Inspired by this idea, the pupils of Y4H set up their own community cocoa bean bag production business. They needed to see if they could produce enough Sedi (the unit of currency in Ghana) to buy essentials for their families, deal with emergencies and even afford a few extras.

They needed to work as a team to find efficient ways to produce the bags, cope with a changing cocoa bean economy and manage their resources and Sedi.

Making the Bags 

Using the Shop