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Y5 BizKids Fundraising Project for St Luke's Hospice

posted 10 Mar 2019, 08:43 by Richard France   [ updated 19 May 2019, 06:35 ]
After weeks of planning, the Y5 BizKids 'Bizzy Night' event was a huge success, with over 160 children in Y3-Y6 attending the event.  As you can see from the photos, the food and drink went down well, and the movie was lots of fun - especially as children had brought onesies, sleeping bags and beanbags to relax in/on during it.  The hard work of everyone in the Y5 team had been worth it, and the weeks of planning had paid off, as we raised over £900 for St Luke's!


Prior to the event, Y5 children developed their key school values of kindness, creativity, resourcefulness and resilience as they planned for the night.  This process included:
  • finding out about St Luke's Hospice and the work they do
  • coming up with fundraising ideas (and understanding that not all ideas could be chosen)
  • voting on a final idea
  • promoting the event through: letters and emails to parents; giving presentations in assemblies; creating audio adverts to play before and after school on the playground; making posters to display around school
  • conducting market research around school to decide what food, drink and entertainment to offer
  • comparing prices of the products and putting orders in
  • selling tickets before and after school
  • setting up for the evening by: decorating the main entrance; preparing the food and drink; organising stamps; signing children in; acting as ushers
  • clearing up after the food had been served
  • counting the money up after the event
For 80+ children to be fully involved in the planning and preparation for the event shows how well they cooperated.  The children were completely motivated by the fundraising aspect, and desperately wanted to provide an evening that their fellow pupils in other year groups would remember - they succeeded!

An example of an audio advert

Google Docs Video


To finish the project off, each class pulled names out of a hat to select nine children to attend the BizKids Presentation Event, at St Luke's Clifford House.  The children put together a presentation about our event, and shared it with a panel of business leaders and charity workers.  They did a great job of this, especially as the computer for their final presentation didn't work, so they had to present completely from memory!  They received special commendation for their resilience from the panel for this.  We didn't win the 'enterprise award' or the 'most money raised award' (£4500!), but this doesn't really matter as 85 children planned a fantastic event for their peers, and raised a large amount of money for charity in doing so.  Well done Y5!