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Y6 Stratford Day 1

posted 3 Jun 2015, 11:27 by Lynnette Glossop   [ updated 4 Jun 2015, 11:12 ]
It has been a perfect first day for 56 Y6 children and 7 staff. An excellent journey down and the day spent at Warwick Castle in the sunshine. TEAM Dore at its best with a super group of children who have been so inclusive and kind and great fun to be with. We watched the trebuchet being fired whilst picnicking  by the river; saw Horrible Histories depict the life of the castle in drama and song; enjoyed the magnificence of the birds of prey; lots of exploring of the battlements and the castle. A full day and then a stop at the super adventure park in Stratford to make sure even more energy is expended!  An excellent dinner at the Youth Hostel and then more running around with sport, or craft activities and later wide games!

Warwick Castle
A brilliant adventure play park in Stratford



Settling in at the Youth Hostel
Super meals in a comfy dining area

Games .....

 And so to bed ...........