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Year 5 at the Sheffield Children's Book Award 2019

posted 8 Nov 2019, 08:31 by Richard Hanks
Last Year Mr Hanks and Mrs Simpson read some of the books from Sheffield Children's Book Award with their Year 4 classes. Today, they reunited with these classes to attend the awards ceremony to hear the announcement of the winners and meet some of the authors and illustrators. It was a fabulous day, thanks to all the parents who supported us and the children for being so enthusiastic about reading and books. See their blog posts and photos from the day below.

Today my year group and I went to the Book Awards, there were 64 of us split into 6 groups the Awards had been around for 31 years already.

We arrived at the Crucible after going on a bus to get there, books were for sale and after we had all finished getting some books if we wanted to we went into the room.

There were songs on when we came in until everyone was ready and they checked if we were ready, introduced us and started. They announced the winners and the Lord Mayor announced the big winner. All the authors talked and then after they’d finished we left for lunch.

We had our books singed and then we ate lunch in the Winter Gardens and then we went back.

I would definitely recommend this.


On the 8th of November Y5 went to the SCBA (Sheffield children’s book awards.) We had an amazing time meeting famous authors and watching the excellent ceremony. At the Crucible there was an amazing: 1,000 children plus lots of adults. The awards have been going on for 31 years and are sponsored by Capita reading cloud.


Today I and my year group of 64 children went to the Children’s book awards 2019 which has been running for 31 years and it was at the Sheffield crucible. It is where many brilliant and famous authors meet and to see the winners of the competition. Some people in my year group bought books so after the ceremony they could get their books signed by many famous authors. There were over 1,000 people in the room and they told us all the winners of the seven categories. The overall winner was a book called “The boy at the back of the class”!

After that, we went to the winter gardens house to have lunch and I had a very nice lunch. Then we went to the bus stop and got the number “98” bus and we arrived to school and then read our new signed books!