Dorelympics - Thank yous

posted 8 Jul 2012, 08:27 by Richard France
There are lots of people who need huge thank yous for helping to make the Dorelympics the success it was:
The DPA - thank you for organising the t shirts and the sound system for us, as without these the opening and closing ceremonies would have had nowhere near as mush impact as they did.  Jo Smith and Dawn Carter gave up much time to measure every child in school, then labelled all the t shirts to help with distribution.  Adam Reynolds designed the fantastic logo and gained the assistance of Rob Hand to help order and print the t shirts.  Carl Thornton helped to provide the sound system, borrowing equipment from David Hayes.  None of this would have happened without the assistance of Sian Granville, who took all our ideas to the DPA and helped to make everything happen.
Teachers - thank you for spending all day running the same sets of activities over and over again!  I think we all slept well that night due to sheer exhaustion!
Parents - thank you for being so supportive and understanding on the day, and for the very many positive comments we have received since.
Children - every single child in the school had a superb day.  Behaviour was exemplary, and participation was outstanding.  The younger children rose to the occasion and gave everything a real go, and the older children were so supportive and caring towards the younger children that we achieved our main aim of the day, which was to have a truly inclusive and fun event.
Photos to follow...