Dore Pupils give Nick Clegg a taste of our Creative Curriculum

posted 25 Feb 2012, 23:00 by Lynnette Glossop   [ updated 25 Feb 2012, 23:43 ]
Nick Clegg visited us on 24th February 2012 to see some of our creative curriculum learning and to chat to children about how they enjoy and benefit from this style of learning. This followed up Mrs. Hopkinson's visit to Nick Clegg's local surgery in July 2010 when she took a range of our work to show him how important we think it is to be able to think creatively and critically, to learn using our own creativity and interests and to take responsibility for our own learning.  It was brilliant to be able to show him all of this in action at Dore Primary School.
The visit started with ambassadors from all of our year groups meeting with Nick in our new Sunshine Activity Community room for an informal discussion about how different children enjoy learning and different parts of the curriculum. Lots of people spoke and Nick was clearly very interested and asked good questions. He also looked at the photographic Learning Journey evidence of Y2. This is where we record the practical activities, visits and visitors that do not necessarily produce a written record. In the background we could hear Y5G children practising for the Lord Mayor's Singing Festival. 
We then moved on to the Junior School Hall where Nick could see much of our great Olympic Art exhibition on display. 5 classes were waiting to show Nick what they have been learning recently.
We arrived and Y4D were in the middle of a PE display where the children were playing a paralympic bowling game. They explained the skills and personal understanding they have gained by taking part in this activity from a very different starting point.
Next several children from Y3A and Y3G talked about their recent learning about the Arctic and how they now understand more about the effects on and damage to our earth and its animals as a result of Global Warming.  3 children read letters they have written to campaign to the Government to take action to minimise these damaging effects. Nick was then presented with letters from every child. He has told the children to expect a reply!
Finally Y5S and Y5G performed part of their assembly showing learning about life in an Indian Village called Chembakoli. This forms the Y5 project 'Anyone for Tea' in which the children explore life in the village of Chembakoli as part of our Global Dimension/Citizenship work. There is a stong emphasis on Fairtrade and the tea industry. Nick asked if the children in Chembakoli know that we study this and class teacher Joanne Smith was able to say that yes, through Action Aid we are able to exchange blog chats with schools in Chembakoli.  The visit ended with the Y5 very colourful and enchanting Indian Dance in which every child took part.
We were very proud of all the children who acted as such effective ambassadors for the school on this important visit and know from Nick Clegg's comments and reactions that he very much enjoyed seeing how we learn in creative and thoughtful ways and we hope that we will have 'made a difference' in any future discussions he may be involved in regarding the future of the curriculum.
 Some of the ambassadors who chatted with Nick Clegg
 Some of our Y5 Chembakoli performers
 Every Y3 child gave a letter to Nick Clegg about global warming