Let's Get Cooking

Let’s Get Cooking is a national network of cooking clubs for children, families and their communities across England. The aim is that participants who learn a new healthy eating skill through Let’s Get Cooking will replicate that skill at home and will increase their intake of nutritionally healthy food.
Our participation in this project has had significant impact at Dore. A small number of parents run regular after school LGC clubs for groups of children. Training to lead the clubs is provided and we aim to offer this to as many children as possible each year. We are very keen to extend this team of parents who is led by staff member Mrs. Liz Firth. Please contact the HT if you can support this work.
We have also been working with the LGC team to increase food and nutrition and cooking in our creative curriculum now that we have extra facilities in our new Sunshine Activity Community Room. There is cooking as part of Design and Technology in every year group.
 Let's Get Cooking After School 
 Let's Get Cooking Community Event
 Staff Let's Get Cooking Training