Y4 visit Hardwick Hall

posted 21 Jun 2012, 02:29 by Sarah Drazek
Year 4 pupils enjoyed a fabulous day out at Hardwick Hall. Throughout the day the pupils extended their knowledge about The Tudors and they learnt all about the very rich lady who had the house designed and built, 'Bess of Hardwick'. The pupils were amazed by the number of windows that the Hall had and they understood why lots of people say, 'Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall'. The volunteers at Hardwick Hall provided fine details about how the house would have been in the Tudor period and provided the pupils with a real hands on experience. The pupils also had a volunteer to show them around the gardens. It was a delight to see them appreciating the smells and textures from the herbs and admiring the orchards. They found out lots about sustainability, and how it was possible for people to live off their own land.