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Pre-School Learning Journey

Easter celebrations continued

posted 6 Apr 2021, 02:19 by Lisa Wells

We had a lovely last week at our Forest school pre-school. We all tried our hand at the flint and steel. The children needed to make the dragon sneeze to create a spark and flames for the fire. The start of the week was sunny and warm, and lots of fun was had with water and our outside space. We continued the count down to Easter by toasting hot cross buns on the fire, making melted chocolate bananas and looking for the painted chicken eggs left by the Easter bunny. 

Have a restful break everyone, and we'll see you in 2 weeks, ready and refreshed for further fun and adventures. 

Fun in the Spring sunshine
Making Easter cards and egg hunting.
Cooking on the fire. Using the flint and steel to make the dragon sneeze sparks, toasted hot cross buns and yummy melted chocolate bananas.

Celebrating Easter

posted 26 Mar 2021, 06:10 by Georgina Bradley

This week, the children at Dore Pre-School heard the story "We're Going on an Egg Hunt" before going on their very own hunt! The children had to look for eggs and chicks and count them into their basket. We have talked about the meaning of Easter and new life - in celebration, the children boiled and scrambled eggs on the fire - we ate the scrambled ones and kept the boiled ones for decorating. We also melted chocolate on the fire which we then drizzled over fruit and toast - all of which had been prepared by the children themselves. 

We heard from the Root Children again this week - they asked us to paint some big, bright, daffodil pictures to brighten up our classroom - the children did an amazing job. Finally, the children have enjoyed some potato printing this week to make some colourful Easter egg cards and made their very own bunny sock puppets - what a busy week!

Egg hunt

Preparing fruit and toast to dip in the chocolate, melted on the fire
Eggs on the fire and egg decorating

Outdoor fun!

Painting daffodils for the Root Children 

Pelle's New Suit

posted 19 Mar 2021, 09:14 by Georgina Bradley   [ updated 19 Mar 2021, 09:18 ]

This week, the children at Dore Pre-School heard all about a Swedish boy called Pelle and his new suit...
Pelle lives on a farm and befriends a lamb. The lamb grew and Pelle grew. And the lamb's coat grew longer and longer but Pelle's coat only grew shorter and shorter. One day Pelle decides to shear the lambs wool and make himself a new suit!

Inspired by the story, the children have been learning about all things that grow!

Finding Pelle's New Suit...a gift from the Root Children. Looking for things that grow:

Measuring height and making a height chart with our trainee teachers:

Making some little lambs of our own and general forest school fun...tyre swings and potion making:
Prepping the veg, making a healthy soup...helping us to grow big and strong
St Patrick's Day Celebrations

The Root Children

posted 12 Mar 2021, 02:20 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 12 Mar 2021, 07:45 by Georgina Bradley ]

This week the children have been learning about the Root children. To listen to the story the children had to go underground because this is where the Root Children live. Each child was given a tea light and they quietly tip-toed into the underground den to listen to the story.

“Under the ground, deep in the earth among the roots of the trees, the little root children were fast asleep all winter long…..”  When spring comes, it’s time for the root children, snowdrop, for-get-me-not, buttercup, daisy and poppy to wake up.  They sew new dresses, wash and clean the waking insects and then, when the sun is warm, climb out of their den and play in the warm fields, ponds and meadows. When the cold wind starts to blow and the leaves begin changing colour, the root children know its autumn and with the insects return to their cosy home below ground in the roots of the trees. 

Making Root children

Using their forest school skills the children used loppers to cut branches into the size of the root children. They then used the peelers to whittle the sticks and make a face,with coloured fabric they dressed their root children sticks.

Insect trail and washing the insects ready for spring.

The insects were collected, washed, counted and placed in groups.

Wednesday is mud day in forest school

Mixing colours, mud surfing and jumping in puddles...

Inside fun...

Making Mothers Day cards. 
Using the illustrations from the Root children book as an inspiration, they children used dried seed heads to print on card as a Mothers day present. Have a lovely Mothers Day from all at pre-school.
Our beautiful smiling and happy, happy children ....

Making flags, instruments and dens for the Root Children...followed by porridge on the fire...surely this is enough to tempt the Root Children out!?

The March Story

posted 5 Mar 2021, 08:57 by Georgina Bradley

The children have well and truly welcomed the arrival of Spring this week. The children have listened to a wonderful story about a little boy and little girl who wake up early one spring morning, excited and eager to see if the hens have laid any eggs in the hen house. On their travels the children roly poly down to the stream where they see the pussy willow dipping her branches into the water. On the way back up the hill they see a birds nest on the ground which they decide would make a great basket for their eggs from the hens. They also notice the pretty flowers which are beginning to grow up the garden wall. The children loved the new songs this week which we have all sung along with the story.  

Spring is coming, Spring is coming birdies build your nests,
Weave together straw and feather, each one doing their best,
Spring is coming, Spring is coming, flowers are coming too,
Roses, lilies, daffodillies, each one coming through

Inspired by our March Story, the children have been on a 'signs of spring' walk, where we found crocuses, daffodils, snow drops and new buds. We also shared a listening moment where we heard Mr Robin tweeting away in the trees above us. Later in the week we studied birds nest and eggs. The children had a go at making their own nests using clay and twigs and learnt how eggs are all different sizes and colours - we went on our own hunt which ended with a tasty chocolate egg treat! We also cooked eggs on the fire which all the children devoured. 

As always, the children have enjoyed learning the forest school way - climbing trees, swinging on the rope swing, making up mud concoctions in the kitchen and building obstacle courses. The children have also made their own mini beasts this week, using the bow saw and palm drills. 

We also had a great time sharing stories to celebrate world book day!

Enjoy :)

The March Story, Spring Walk and Tree Climbing
Making Nests and Wood Cookie Bugs
Outdoor Fun!
Cooking eggs on the fire and a bird egg hunt
Happy World Book Day!
And one last one from last week...Toast on the fire with a bit of music too!

Spring 2 Welcome Back

posted 26 Feb 2021, 04:48 by Lisa Wells   [ updated 26 Feb 2021, 04:50 ]

Welcome back. We’ve had a lovely week, welcoming our new starters and enjoying the warmer weather .

The children have been learning about the life of a seed. They listened to the story ‘It starts with a seed’ a book that teaches them how something 'a small seed can grow into tree, which is an incredibly big thing to be.'  

The children climbed on and under the trees and also made a den with its branches.

They have used the loppers to trim branches and make their own winter tree. They have made stepping stones, balanced on planks, made volcanoes and sunbathed!  On the very windy Wednesday the children made kites !


 Balancing and Making Volcanoes 

 Inside fun. Making winter trees 

Phonics fun, tapping out rhythm and moving to the music .

Planting bean seeds. We are going to watch the tidy seeds grow their roots and shoots and grow into something incredibly big 

Kites on a windy Wednesday 

Embracing the Snow

posted 12 Feb 2021, 01:45 by Lisa Wells

The children had an amazing week embracing the snow blown in by the 'mini Beast from the East.'
The adults have been so impressed by the children's resilience, and positivity in the very cold conditions. 
They have sledged, made snow castles, colour mixed, climbed and used their imagination to play some creative role play games.  They loved the new crates that have just arrived in our Forest school space; first they hid in them, then made a train, an aeroplane and enjoyed climbing on them. Such great creative play and team work. 

Its been a very cold and snowy half term, all the radiators in our indoor space have been stacked high with drying snow suits, gloves and hats. We've all had a great time, and wish you all a restful half term and come back fully charged for more fun in our Forest school Pre-school. 

Indoor play, team work
and paper trousers

The Tomten and the Fox

posted 5 Feb 2021, 08:59 by Georgina Bradley

This week the children have heard the wonderful story of the Tomten and the Fox. In the story, the Tomten (a troll who guards the farm animals at night) shares his porridge with a hungry fox - for Tomten's know that a fox can be hungry. The fox creeps silently through the snow at night on the hunt for chickens, but given the Tomten's kindness, agrees to fill his belly with warming porridge instead. 

We have made our own porridge on the camp fire this week which the children loved! They have also learnt the 'respect' position, which is how we kneel safely when we are close to the fire. 

The children have continued to play the forest school way...plenty of tree climbing, puddle splashing and snow fun.

Story telling and making porridge

Forest School and Snow Fun

Untitled Post

posted 29 Jan 2021, 04:51 by Lisa Wells

Frost,rain,mud and Bird watching.

Ice and snow 
A lovely start to the week. It was a beautiful frosty morning and there was still snow on the ground from the weekend. 
The children spotted the ideal snowy slope for sliding on and had a wonderful time sledging down it on their bottoms!
They also found huge lumps of ice, and used their senses to taste and feel it !
Ice bubble science learning.
The children made their own bubble wands using sticks and pipe cleaners. They were then shown how to make bubble mixture using washing up liquid and water. The children loved dipping the wands into the mixture and blowing them into the air. They also tried to make ice bubbles, if you blow your bubbles on to freezing surfaces or atmospheres they do freeze in mid air! 
Animal homes hunt . 
The children did so well recalling the story they had learnt last week, the Bears's Winter night, and remembered all the  different animals that had moved into the bears house. They then went on a hunt around the fields to see if they could find those animals houses;A chicken house, a squirrel dray, a hedgehogs leafy home and the pigs muddy bed. On the way back they had a play on the trees 
Some of the children also made a bug hotel using bricks, wooden pallets, slates and lots of leaves.

Playing in the rain.
We had a lovely morning, splashing in puddles, making potions, and sitting in the deepest and muddiest puddle that could found !
RSPB Big Bird Watch
The children made bird feeders and then went on a bird hunt trail armed with binoculars. We were lucky enough to see Redwings, Magpies and Jackdaws. We also sat very quietly and were able to hear lots of bird chatter and song. We think we heard our favourite bird, the robin.

Rain, rain and more rain!

posted 22 Jan 2021, 05:43 by Georgina Bradley

Well it is safe to say that come rain or shine, this lot are out and about making the most of life! Not even storm Christoph was going to deter this resilient bunch, the exact much fun has been had this week, dancing, splashing, running, and rolling through puddles. 

As the storm grew closer, we prepared some wooden rafts which we planned to sail on the puddles. The children used the loppers with support, before gluing them together. They personalised them with a mast and a flag. To the children's amazement, they sailed beautifully along the giant puddle.

Raft building and sailing

Puddle dancing and water play

The children have also explored some science this week, by making their own snow. By combining some secret ingredients, the children made some fluffy white flakes which they enjoyed playing with. We have also seen some fantastic turn taking and team work this week and some creative indoor activities. 

Making snow and indoor play
We ended the week by listening to a new story called Bear's Winter House. The children helped bear to collect some branches and old Christmas trees before being challenged to build some dens for our classroom bears to shield them from the storm. Look at their fabulous efforts.

Bear dens

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