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Pre-School Learning Journey

Week 2
Dens, sledging and Snow.
The children started the week with a craft activity; Felting robins. They had learnt about the Robin in the January story, and we taught them a song to go with it. 

                                        The North wind doth blow, and we shall have snow

And what will the robin do then, poor thing?

 He’ll hide in the barn, and keep himself warm

    And hide his head under his wing, poor thing.       

Den Building with Christmas trees.
We made good use of the Christmas tree that the DPA had collected over the weekend. The children collected branches and loaded them on to our vehicles . We had 2 trucks to pull and 1 wheel barrow to push, it was hard work but a sunny, frosty morning, so we were all in very good spirits. Once up at the top forest school area, the children lopped branches, tied string and banged in pegs to make a secure and dry den. We enjoyed it so much, that once we'd been inside for a hot dinner we soon returned to carry on our den building. 
Ten in a sled 
We told the children a new story this week, Ten in a sled. Its a story about  the sledging adventure of 10 woodland animals, who piled onto the Reindeer's sled. However when sliding down the hill the Reindeer kept asking them all to slide over and 1 by 1 the animals fell off . Leaving 9 then 8 then 7 and eventually just the reindeer on the sledge !

The children re-enacted the story using a tarp and we pulled then down the hill !

In the afternoon the children caught rain drops in pots and left out bowls to see how much rain water could be collected over night!

Snow, Snow and even more Snow !
It was hard to decide who was more excited about the snow on Thursday morning, the children or the adults. After a feast of a snack to keep us fulled up, we all put on our warm clothes, hats, gloves and boots and headed outside. The children ran, danced, slid, sat and of course scooter-ed in the snow. A very cold, but fun morning.


posted 8 Jan 2021, 06:46 by Georgina Bradley

The children at Dore Pre-School have loved the frosty weather this week, which has also been perfect for our January story... Two little children woke up early one morning to find that Jack Frost had visited in the night. The children were desperate to explore their garden to see and play in Jack Frost's silvery powder. While they were playing they spotted a little red robin in the trees and in the bushes (our very own robin also appeared, just like magic!) and the children sang a song all about him. The children headed back to their home as more snowflakes fell and tucked themselves up in bed before saying goodnight to the bright moon in the sky. 

It was a lovely story, that the children thoroughly enjoyed. We made our own snow with special sprinklers and left snowy hand prints on trees. We crunched through frosty grass and caught snowflakes on our tongues. We slid down frosty slopes and investigated ice. We also made some more felt out of wool roving, ready to make some little robin broaches next week. Finally, the children got crafty, making some wonderful melted snowmen pictures. 

Also, a big welcome to all of our new starters this week - you have all been fantastic! We are so pleased you have joined us.

On our way up to the field to tell the January Story
Sliding down the frosty slope
Making our own snow

Making ice
Melted snowmen crafts

Merry Christmas!

posted 18 Dec 2020, 04:47 by Georgina Bradley

The children have had a wonderful final week of term here at Dore Pre-School. We kicked the week off by going on a present hunt around the school grounds. The children each found a pair of mittens, a personalised stocking and some reindeer food to take home. We have also been crafty this week, using the loppers to cut sticks to make beautiful Christmas tree pictures. We have enjoyed a special Christmas dinner and games out on the yard. We even had a special virtual visit from Santa! Finally, the children have been incredibly helpful and responsible by scrubbing, washing and cleaning all of our outdoor resources, ready for a fresh start next term. Well done to all of our amazing children.

Mitten and Stocking hunt
Hide and Seek, catching shadows and Christmas Dinner!

Christmas crafts - using the loppers and a virtual visit from Santa!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :) 

Pre School Nativity Photographs

posted 15 Dec 2020, 09:09 by Katy Godfrey

We are pleased to tell you that the absolutely fabulous Nativity photographs have been received in school. As well as the wonderful individual pictures of the children, there are also class photos with the children in costume which we feel sure you will find delightful.

The purchase of photographs will give you digital access to the high resolution pictures which you may print as you wish. The cost of available packages is as follows:

£5.00 for one photograph (either your child’s individual photo or their Nativity class photo)


£10.00 for both photographs

Below you can see the proof of the class photo. We are not able to offer proofs of all the individual photos but there is a lower resolution example of a typical infant picture which you can preview on the Y1 Learning Journey to get an idea of how delightful the photos are.

If you would like to order your child’s individual photograph and/or class photo, please do the following two things:

  1. Email Mrs Dungworth at with your order details, clearly stating your child’s name and class. Mrs.Dungworth will need the email addresses to which the photographs will be sent. A typical order might be: I would like to order my child XX’s (class XX) individual photo and their Nativity class photo.
  2. Make the relevant payment via sQuid. The cost of the above example order would be £10.00 for both photographs.

Please note that there are other available payment packages on sQuid which are relevant to Y2 only and should be ignored.

When orders and payments have been received, the photographs will be sent out within 48 hours for you to enjoy in time for the festive season.

Christmas singing, Kindness and a visit from St Nicholas.

posted 11 Dec 2020, 06:46 by Lisa Wells

It was a lovely start to the week. After much preparation the children dressed up in their costumes and sang their Christmas songs for the school nativity . They all sang beautifully and looked very cute! We were very proud of them.  

Wooden Father Christmas's and Nativity fun.
St Nicholas 
The children have been learning about kindness and giving this week. We told them the story of St Nicholas. A little boy who was so kind he gave away his toys to children who had none. Then as an adult he gave away all his things, including his house and went to live in a monastery, where he continued to spread kindness. His generosity was recognised and he was made a bishop. Nicholas was given a blue cloak to wear and a red pointy hat. One day Nicholas heard that in a village far away children were poor and hungry. He called on his people to bring fruits, nuts and honey to help the children . He then sailed for 7 days and 7 nights to deliver the sacks of food to the children. When he arrived it was night time and all he could see was the flickering lights burning in the houses. Nicholas took red sacks of fruit, nuts, honey cake and his own gold coins and left them outside their doors for the people to find in the morning. Every night the children left their shoes outside their doors and Nicholas left the gifts and then slipped quietly away. 

The children at pre-school, thought St Nicholas sounded like Father Christmas as he too is a kind man who leaves gifts for children. They made their own Father Christmas from wooden pegs and gave him a red pointy hat and long white beard . 

They also thought about how they are kind to each other and also the wildlife around them. To help the wildlife in the cold winter they made some feeders for the birds and squirrels and left food for the badger .

Making Food for the Wildlife 
Decorating the Old Oak tree with Sparkly pine cones.
A visit from Nicholas !!
We couldn't believe it ! When the children went to slip on their wellingtons on Wednesday morning they found a small red parcel, left, you've guessed it, from Nicholas! The children were so surprised and very excited that he had visited them.  We think he left them a gift because they always show such kindness to each other and the wildlife around them .

Making Orange cakes on the fire. 
The children learnt how to make camp fire orange cakes. They spooned out the inside of an orange then filled it with cake mixture. When it was wrapped in foil it was put on to the fire to bake. They were very tasty.

Mud mud slippery fun mud !
A week is never complete unless you've been sliding in mud ! Plus, of course a hose down to get clean !!

A wonderful winter wonderland day

posted 4 Dec 2020, 06:49 by Georgina Bradley

We just had to post again after a magical day, watching the snowflakes fall...

The children got all wrapped up as we headed out to visit the outdoor classroom. Once there, we had hot chocolate and a biscuit while we listened to the magical story 'Snowflakes' by Cerrie Burnell. It tells a tale of a little girl who learns that every snowflake is different and perfect...just like us!

After our story, we had a go at catching snowflakes on our tongues, found some puddles to jump in and made some wishes at the old oak tree. 

Once we were back inside, we made some paper snowflakes, one of which happened to look like batman's mask...that was it, we all became batman!

Welcoming December

posted 4 Dec 2020, 00:44 by Georgina Bradley

This week, the children have well and truly welcomed the month of December. We began the week with a story called 'The Wish Tree' where a little boy goes on a snowy adventure with his toboggan to find a tree where wishes come true. He meets various woodland animals that he helps along the way. The children at Pre-School have been on their own adventure to find a wish tree of their own which they later decorated with Christmas tinsel and stars. 

The children noticed that the animals left footprints in the snow, which inspired us to have a closer look at the marks and trails that animals leave. We even compared the animal footprints to our own!

Collecting our 'wish' trees

We found sticks on kings croft, big enough to be trees and brought them back to our pre-school outdoor area.
Decorating our 'wish' trees

We made stick stars by decorating twigs with glue and glitter, before assembling them into a 5 point star. We hung them on our trees.
Animal footprint trail...and making some of our own!

General forest school fun, including our new rope swing, horses, tree hugging, drilling and of course....lots and lots of mud!

As ever, the children have been continuing to build their resilience this week with lots of forest school play and fun. Our challenge this week was to attempt the rope swing...children were not deterred if they fell and eagerly kept trying, look at them swing!

An exciting new arrival at Pre-school and celebrating Diwali.

posted 27 Nov 2020, 01:42 by Lisa Wells

Such exciting news......
Spotted on our trail camera the children saw, to their excitement that Pre-school has a nightly visitor...A Badger! It seems that he/she has been investigating the new hedgehog house !

This week the children have been learning about the Festival of Diwali. They listened to the story, and celebrated at Pre-school by, making lanterns, and rangoli designs using natural flowers and berries. 

Making Lanterns from wood. 
The children sawed up wood, drilled holes and made their own Diwali Lanterns. 

Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate 
On a chilly late autumnal afternoon, a lovely warming fire is called for...
Having fun with paint and playing with friends at our Forest school pre-school ...

Week 3. Any Room for me?

posted 20 Nov 2020, 06:50 by Lisa Wells

This week the children learnt the story 'Any Room for me?'  It is about a woodcutter who goes out on a cold autumnal morning looking for fire wood. Whilst busy with his task he drops his mitten, although his dog barks at him to let him know he still doesn't realise . A mouse spots the mitten and decides it will be a lovely warm house for her. Slowly other woodland animals move in with the mouse too. Eventually the woodcutter realises he has dropped the mitten . He goes back with the dog running ahead . The dog sees the mitten and his barking is heard by all the animals. The animals all quickly come out and go back into the forest . The Woodcutter will never know what a lovely warm home his mitten had been!

 'Any room for me' character hunt.
The children searched around the nature garden and school fields for all the characters. It looks like Owl was helping too.
Making Hedgehog Houses. 
The children collected bricks and made hedgehog houses. They tried to make them as warm and cosy as the woodcutters mitten.
An animal trail was spotted coming under the fence, maybe its a hedgehogs ? 

Mark Making...inside and out.
The children use mud, chalk and paint to mark make.... who needs pencils!
Balancing fun
The children make their own see-saws.
Making Damper bread . 
We always love to cook on the fire. This week the children learnt how to make and cook damper bread .

Autumn Blanket...with a special visitor!

posted 13 Nov 2020, 08:10 by Georgina Bradley

This week the children welcomed a fluffy little owl into our setting. We spotted him sitting above us in his tree and with him he had a letter! He'd written to the children to tell them how much he loved their Autumn blanket that they had been working on last week; he loved it so much that he'd sprinkled some special leaves all over it. The children listened beautifully to the story he had written for us all about the Autumn blanket and took care of him so well. They enjoyed weaving ribbons into tree stumps and across our spiders web, also gifted by the owl. As a thank you, the children made owl pictures using shapes and tree bark. 
This week we have also seen some amazing team work, with children building their kindness and resilience on the obstacle course. We have seen huge amounts of perseverance and concentration using the weaving frames. We've also had so much fun slipping and sliding in the mud! To finish the week off, the children made beautiful leaf crowns.

Spotting the Owl, hearing the story of the Autumn blanket and ribbon weaving
Making owls and more weaving

Team work
Fun in the mud
   Phonics - loud and quiet

Welcome back!

posted 6 Nov 2020, 08:45 by Georgina Bradley

What an amazing first week back we've had. We have been so busy; the children have got straight back into the swing of things, and we have been lucky enough to welcome some new starters. What a treat to spot a double rainbow on our first day back too!
Being inspired by Bonfire night, we have been busy collecting wood and putting the garden to rest this week. We celebrated with a camp fire and put 10 sizzling sausages in the pan. The children whittled their own sticks before prodding the cooked sausages on the end of their sticks. Yum! Some hot chocolate went down well too.

We have also explored sound this week and have had a go at making firework noises in lots of different ways. We went on a drumming walk around school, made our own instruments and performed on the stage. What else...well, we had a big delivery of tree stumps, that was fun...rolling them down the bank and in place for our obstacle course. The children have been so resilient, practising jumping from one stump to another. We have also noticed a change in the weather and so have made a cosy Autumn blanket to keep us warm...keep your eyes peeled for more on this next week. 

Welcome to our new starters, making new friends, rolling tree stumps
Obstacle Course fun

Collecting wood, whittling sticks and cooking sausages on the fire

Making music and performing

Making our Autumn Blanket

Planting bulbs

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