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Pre-School Learning Journey

Final farewell...happy holidays everyone!

posted 16 Jul 2021, 07:45 by Georgina Bradley

Well, what a super final week the children have had at Dore Pre-School. Lots of fun, laughs and learning to end what has been an incredibly special year for us!

Enjoy these final pics....until we meet again in September.

Wishing those children who are transitioning to school all the best - you'll be great! And looking forward to seeing some of you again in September, along with some new faces...we can't wait. A reminder that we open to children on Monday 6th September 2021.

Take care, our Dore Pre-School Family...

Boxes and shaving foam fun!

Fun, fun fun...

Sports Day

The Sun Egg

posted 9 Jul 2021, 02:22 by Georgina Bradley

We started this week with another new and enchanting story...

A mysterious orange egg has fallen into the woods. "It's a sun egg!" declares the elf who finds it nestled on the forest floor. Soon she and her friends discover what it really is; but not before the sun egg is lost and little elf begins a wonderful adventure. 

We made our own sun eggs out of clay and then colour mixed to make zesty orange paint to decorate them. During the process, the children were fascinated with the clay and wanted to find out what would happen if we added water. An investigation began right away, all led by the children. 

The children also investigated paper-mache, making their own glue from flour and water, before covering a balloon to see what would happen. They also used hammers this week to smash some chalk found on the beach and observed how it changed and crumbled; what little scientists we have!

As always, lots of forest school fun has been had this week too.

Week 4

posted 2 Jul 2021, 02:54 by Georgina Bradley

This week, we revisited the story of Pelle's New Suit (our story gifted by the root children). Pelle uses the lambs wool to make himself a new suit to fit his growing body. We kicked the week off by weaving some wool of our own, developing our fine motor skills - tricky stuff. We also looked at our own bodies and how we have all grown this year - we decided to chalk around them on the wall and compare heights. On Wednesday we crushed strawberries and blueberries to create some natural dyes. We used the dye to stain material which we then made into summer bunting. As always, our week has also entailed lots of free, forest school play, including muddy hand printing, kite making, shields and water play. 

Natural dyes and bunting
Chalking around our bodies
Muddy hand prints!

Kites and Shields
Water play

Billy Goats Gruff

posted 25 Jun 2021, 08:03 by Georgina Bradley   [ updated 25 Jun 2021, 08:09 ]

This week the children have enjoyed listening to and re-enacting the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Mrs Wells began by telling the story, using her story apron with three brave, felted goats who were daring enough to cross the old, rickety bridge. Would the nasty troll catch them!?

The children adored the story and were inspired to make their own bridges, rivers and troll dens. They worked together to build and cross the bridges, carefully balancing across, taking turns and encouraging each other. They helped to transport water to our mud pit to create a river and used drapes and fabrics to create dens, which soon became a camp site! 

Again, plenty of child-initiated learning this week too - we have seen music makers, mini architects and scientists this week. Check out the mini volcanoes made by the children in at our potion station!

Finally, we have helped to raise money for a special charity, SALVE; the children very much enjoyed drawing and making big, happy, smiley faces.

We finished the week off with some warm toast and jam around the fire. Happy weekend, all!

Story Telling and re-enacting crossing the bridge

Making Dens


Architects, designing towns and music makers

Smile for SALVE
Toast and jam around the fire

Week 2, more fun in the sun!

posted 18 Jun 2021, 08:53 by Georgina Bradley

Another beautiful week spent outside with our creative children. We continued with our June story this week and made bubble wands, splashed in water and made wood cookie bumble bees. We followed the children's interests too, resulting in two days of pirate fun. We built ships, made maps and treasure chests. 

Pirate Fun

Hello June!

posted 11 Jun 2021, 09:33 by Georgina Bradley

A warm welcome back to all of our lovely children at Dore Pre-School. We have really made the most of this fantastic weather this week, spending all of our time outside in our amazing grounds. 

We started the week by listening to the June story - a tale of a little girl and boy who go on an adventure through streams and meadows, singing songs along the way about bumble bees, sheep, lambs, picking dandelions and blowing their clocks! Well....we did exactly the same! Look at our beautiful fields of wildflower and dandelions! We so enjoyed blowing the clocks into the breeze. 

Oh dandelion, all yellow as gold, oh what do you do all day?

I stand around in the tall green grass, til the children come to play.

Oh dandelion, all yellow as gold, oh what do you do all night?

I wait and wait til the dew falls down, until my hair turns white.

And what do you do when your hair turns white and the children come to play?

They pick me up in their dimpled hands, and blow my hair away. 

We have also been cooling off this week with lots of water play, messy play and ice-lollies around the fire-circle. We also enjoyed some alfresco dining...why not?

We made our own fluffy sheep pictures, just like the sheep in the June story, practising our cutting and sticking skills.
We also loved playing on our brand new tyre park in the yard - MASSIVE thank you to the DPA

And finally...we released our butterflies! Having watched them develop from eggs to caterpillars to chrysalis to butterflies spreading their wings - it was amazing!

Come rain or shine, we know how to have a good time!

posted 21 May 2021, 08:32 by Georgina Bradley

The children have had a busy week at Dore Pre-School, enjoying extremes of weather! We kicked the week off by making up rhyming songs about our beautiful blossom trees which we sit under everyday. This prompted us to make a giant picture of a blossom tree, painted with sticks and twigs. We have enjoyed using our imagination in the water area and in the mud kitchen where there were pirate pies a plenty. We have been on a bug hunt in the school grounds, using magnifying glasses and pots to get nice and close up to our favourite creatures. We've been taking care of our vegetable patch, adding compost and more sunflowers and even made flower crowns. Finally, we ended the week on a high, making a huge mud slide and having celebratory cupcakes around the fire to wish Miss Bradley farewell. 

Painting a blossom tree

Looking after our veggie patch

Making flower crowns

Pirate pies using jelly crystals

We're going on a bug hunt, we're going to find some wriggly ones...

Inside and outside fun - giant maps and crate trucks

The ultimate mud slide, Friday Fun!
Goodbye and thank you from Miss Bradley
The children each printed their own finger print to form leaves on a big tree canvas and decorated a wood cookie to hang on a beautiful wooden mobile. Thank you children!

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt

posted 14 May 2021, 01:37 by Lisa Wells

Mud, rain and worms
This week the children listened to the story, 'Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt'.  The story explores the hidden world of the garden. UP in the garden there are green leaves, growing vegetables and ripening fruit, but, DOWN in the dirt there is a hidden busy world of earthworms, snakes, woodlice, moles and lots of other animals and insects that live in our gardens.

Earth worms
The children love to dig down in the dirt for earth worms, so we decided  to build a wormery. The children collected mud, and leaves, then dug deep for worms. We used a spotting sheet to see what type of worm they had found and then carefully placed them in the wormery. After such busyness the children pretended the new truck tyres were hot tubs.
 A day of 2 halves, sunshine then rain !
The children spent the morning enjoying the sunshine up in the garden, collecting blossom and leaves. Then the afternoon was spend down in the dirt and mud inspired by the rain.
A dry day and cleaning up the mud
After such a wet and muddy couple of days, the children put on their puddle suits and wellies to give the whole place a good old spring clean. The dirt and mud had got everywhere !

May is here!

posted 7 May 2021, 08:39 by Georgina Bradley

Another fabulous week here at pre-school with yet more new starters...aren't we lucky! We spent this week learning about May Day and embarked in some May Pole dancing. We also planted our potatoes in our new vegetable patch and made scarecrows to keep the birds off. We finished this week with a fire where we treated ourselves to some marshmallows. 

May Pole Dancing
Planting potatoes

Making Scarecrows
When we decided to be pirates
Camp fire fun

April does what ever she wants

posted 30 Apr 2021, 01:52 by Lisa Wells

This week the children listened to the oral story ‘April does what ever she wants’. 
It’s a lovely story of how April and her best friend Little wind, play tricks on the people on earth by blowing in all the seasons in just one month. They blow in a little bit of warm sunshine which their friend Summer gave them, a little bit of rain from their friend Autumn and cold winds/ snow from their friend Winter. Because, April does what ever she wants! 

We have also spent the week observing the tadpoles and the children tried their hand at observational drawings. The children continued to be scientist when we went on a lady bird and butterfly trail . They had to look carefully at the picture they found and using their drawing and mark making skills drew what they saw. Who knew there were so many different types of lady birds and butterflies in our country! 

As always the children enjoyed our outside space and had lots of creative fun. 

Butterfly and lady bird trail 

A little bit of balancing on our return journey. 

Planting sweet pea seeds 
 Observational drawing, finishing our giant wood cookie caterpillar and making landrovers with our friends. 
Mud fun, water and outside fun. 

Inside creativity. 

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