posted 23 Apr 2021, 08:05 by Georgina Bradley
A warm welcome back to all of our forest school preschoolers this term. It's been lovely to welcome some new starters this week too - they have all settled in so well.

We heard the April story this week, about two children who go on an adventure in their garden spotting, two little dickie birds, ducks waddling in the water, a silly green frog and a fuzzy, wuzzy caterpillar. The children especially loved our frog song - see if they can remember it at home!

Mmm, mmm went the little green frog one day!

Mmm, mmm went the little green frog.

Mmm, mmm went the little green frog one day!

And the frog went mmm, mmm, blblblblbl.

Weeelllll, we all know frogs go [clap] la di da did a,

[clap] la di da di da, [clap] la di da di da,

We all know frogs go [clap] la di da di da,

They don’t go mmm, mmm, blblblblbl.

As well as our new starters, we also had some new life in our classroom this week - tiny tadpoles and baby caterpillars. The children helped to find some safe places for them to grow and we will watch their progress over the next few weeks.

Enjoy some photos from the week:

The April story around the camp fire

Looking at symmetry in butterflies....printing with apples

Our Easter Bonnet Parade... the children loved waving at the older children and staff in school

Digging fun....an ongoing project - we are moving the soil from the planters to our big mud pit to make some big ramps for our trucks and cars

General forest school fun - just what we do! Splashing in the mud, making potions, practising our balancing, painting, sawing and plenty of imaginative play and team work.