April does what ever she wants

posted 30 Apr 2021, 01:52 by Lisa Wells
This week the children listened to the oral story ‘April does what ever she wants’. 
It’s a lovely story of how April and her best friend Little wind, play tricks on the people on earth by blowing in all the seasons in just one month. They blow in a little bit of warm sunshine which their friend Summer gave them, a little bit of rain from their friend Autumn and cold winds/ snow from their friend Winter. Because, April does what ever she wants! 

We have also spent the week observing the tadpoles and the children tried their hand at observational drawings. The children continued to be scientist when we went on a lady bird and butterfly trail . They had to look carefully at the picture they found and using their drawing and mark making skills drew what they saw. Who knew there were so many different types of lady birds and butterflies in our country! 

As always the children enjoyed our outside space and had lots of creative fun. 

Butterfly and lady bird trail 

A little bit of balancing on our return journey. 

Planting sweet pea seeds 
 Observational drawing, finishing our giant wood cookie caterpillar and making landrovers with our friends. 
Mud fun, water and outside fun. 

Inside creativity.