Autumn Blanket...with a special visitor!

posted 13 Nov 2020, 08:10 by Georgina Bradley
This week the children welcomed a fluffy little owl into our setting. We spotted him sitting above us in his tree and with him he had a letter! He'd written to the children to tell them how much he loved their Autumn blanket that they had been working on last week; he loved it so much that he'd sprinkled some special leaves all over it. The children listened beautifully to the story he had written for us all about the Autumn blanket and took care of him so well. They enjoyed weaving ribbons into tree stumps and across our spiders web, also gifted by the owl. As a thank you, the children made owl pictures using shapes and tree bark. 
This week we have also seen some amazing team work, with children building their kindness and resilience on the obstacle course. We have seen huge amounts of perseverance and concentration using the weaving frames. We've also had so much fun slipping and sliding in the mud! To finish the week off, the children made beautiful leaf crowns.

Spotting the Owl, hearing the story of the Autumn blanket and ribbon weaving
Making owls and more weaving

Team work
Fun in the mud
   Phonics - loud and quiet