Billy Goats Gruff

posted 25 Jun 2021, 08:03 by Georgina Bradley   [ updated 25 Jun 2021, 08:09 ]
This week the children have enjoyed listening to and re-enacting the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Mrs Wells began by telling the story, using her story apron with three brave, felted goats who were daring enough to cross the old, rickety bridge. Would the nasty troll catch them!?

The children adored the story and were inspired to make their own bridges, rivers and troll dens. They worked together to build and cross the bridges, carefully balancing across, taking turns and encouraging each other. They helped to transport water to our mud pit to create a river and used drapes and fabrics to create dens, which soon became a camp site! 

Again, plenty of child-initiated learning this week too - we have seen music makers, mini architects and scientists this week. Check out the mini volcanoes made by the children in at our potion station!

Finally, we have helped to raise money for a special charity, SALVE; the children very much enjoyed drawing and making big, happy, smiley faces.

We finished the week off with some warm toast and jam around the fire. Happy weekend, all!

Story Telling and re-enacting crossing the bridge

Making Dens


Architects, designing towns and music makers

Smile for SALVE
Toast and jam around the fire