Celebrating Easter

posted 26 Mar 2021, 06:10 by Georgina Bradley
This week, the children at Dore Pre-School heard the story "We're Going on an Egg Hunt" before going on their very own hunt! The children had to look for eggs and chicks and count them into their basket. We have talked about the meaning of Easter and new life - in celebration, the children boiled and scrambled eggs on the fire - we ate the scrambled ones and kept the boiled ones for decorating. We also melted chocolate on the fire which we then drizzled over fruit and toast - all of which had been prepared by the children themselves. 

We heard from the Root Children again this week - they asked us to paint some big, bright, daffodil pictures to brighten up our classroom - the children did an amazing job. Finally, the children have enjoyed some potato printing this week to make some colourful Easter egg cards and made their very own bunny sock puppets - what a busy week!

Egg hunt

Preparing fruit and toast to dip in the chocolate, melted on the fire
Eggs on the fire and egg decorating

Outdoor fun!

Painting daffodils for the Root Children