Christmas singing, Kindness and a visit from St Nicholas.

posted 11 Dec 2020, 06:46 by Lisa Wells
It was a lovely start to the week. After much preparation the children dressed up in their costumes and sang their Christmas songs for the school nativity . They all sang beautifully and looked very cute! We were very proud of them.  

Wooden Father Christmas's and Nativity fun.
St Nicholas 
The children have been learning about kindness and giving this week. We told them the story of St Nicholas. A little boy who was so kind he gave away his toys to children who had none. Then as an adult he gave away all his things, including his house and went to live in a monastery, where he continued to spread kindness. His generosity was recognised and he was made a bishop. Nicholas was given a blue cloak to wear and a red pointy hat. One day Nicholas heard that in a village far away children were poor and hungry. He called on his people to bring fruits, nuts and honey to help the children . He then sailed for 7 days and 7 nights to deliver the sacks of food to the children. When he arrived it was night time and all he could see was the flickering lights burning in the houses. Nicholas took red sacks of fruit, nuts, honey cake and his own gold coins and left them outside their doors for the people to find in the morning. Every night the children left their shoes outside their doors and Nicholas left the gifts and then slipped quietly away. 

The children at pre-school, thought St Nicholas sounded like Father Christmas as he too is a kind man who leaves gifts for children. They made their own Father Christmas from wooden pegs and gave him a red pointy hat and long white beard . 

They also thought about how they are kind to each other and also the wildlife around them. To help the wildlife in the cold winter they made some feeders for the birds and squirrels and left food for the badger .

Making Food for the Wildlife 
Decorating the Old Oak tree with Sparkly pine cones.
A visit from Nicholas !!
We couldn't believe it ! When the children went to slip on their wellingtons on Wednesday morning they found a small red parcel, left, you've guessed it, from Nicholas! The children were so surprised and very excited that he had visited them.  We think he left them a gift because they always show such kindness to each other and the wildlife around them .

Making Orange cakes on the fire. 
The children learnt how to make camp fire orange cakes. They spooned out the inside of an orange then filled it with cake mixture. When it was wrapped in foil it was put on to the fire to bake. They were very tasty.

Mud mud slippery fun mud !
A week is never complete unless you've been sliding in mud ! Plus, of course a hose down to get clean !!