Goodbye Apple Fairy...see you in the Spring

posted 14 Oct 2020, 01:12 by Richard Hanks
Well, what another fantastic week we've had at Pre-School. This week, we have received messages from the apple fairy herself! First of all she brought us a basket full of apples which we had to find. Inside each one she hid a special star, which we all enjoyed for snack. 

Apple hunt

We decided to have a go at stewing the apples, after the apple fairy told us how much she loved apple crumble...

Stewing apples and making a crumble

As a thank you to the fairy, we made her some presents, including necklaces and bunting.

Necklace threading and leaf bunting:

In her final letter to us, she told us just how important bees and wasps are in helping apples grow. She left us some pine cones to make our own.

Making bees and wasps:
Finally, we have had plenty of outdoor fun, including kite making on a very windy day!

Have a great weekend everyone!